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Mak 1 Star Brisket 2nd Attempt


Cooked a brisket yesterday. Although it was in the mid 30's with some snow flurries I was anxious to give it a go.
My first attempt at brisket (last summer) was rather interesting. The end result was not what i'd planned of course. I agonized afterward over every detail. Was it the rub? Was it my plan of attack? Was it the Mak? Was it me? Hmmmm.....
I went as far as contemplating my purchase of the Mak (God forbid).
I mean, what is it about brisket that makes it so different/difficult? It's just another cut of meat....right?
I thought there's go to be a way....right?
It finally came down to the simple fact that I did not know my cooker or how to cook on it. There it is, brutal honesty.
My family was supportive somewhat by saying "tastes good" and "I like it". I knew the truth as some of you can understand. I would classify it as a failure. It came out dry and tough.
However, I was determined to succeed. At least "try" to.

I had 2 goals: 1)Be moist and 2)Be tender. Thats it. Simple. If i achieved both goals taste should follow....right? Here are some pics.

View attachment 1301View attachment 1302View attachment 1303View attachment 1304Note: These are my first uploads so i hope it works ;)

Step 1: Get brisket to room temp
Step 2: Apply Garlic EVOO
Step 3: Apply light coating of Mustard
Step 4: LLwP,Garlic Pepper, And Sweet Rub
Step 5: Drink lots of Coffee
Step 6: Smoked at 180 for 2.5 hours. Original plan was for 2 hrs, but UK game was on ;)
Step 7: Raise temp to 260
Step 8: Cook until IT of 150 to 155 or until it reached color
Step 9: Foil. I added Apple Jce,Red Wine Vinegar and Tiger Sauce. I took BP's advice by wrapping very tightly
Step 10: Cook until IT of 200
Step 11: Removed excess juice (not all the juice)
Step 12: Vent for 10 mins then place in cooler w/towels for 3 hrs
Result: Brisket was super hot right out of cooler....and to my suprise very juicy and tender. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Notes for next Brisket....trim off more of the fat


yeah I did...very informative and helpful. Especially helpful for us folks who dont cook brisket often.
I coudnt agree more...fat is your friend. I usually trim very little on all meats. I only trimmed the gobs of fat on the point and the fat hanging off, but i did notice no smoke ring where the fat was the thickest. So, is it a comprimise or is a smoke ring that important? Dunno


Thanks Tatonka! Im gonna cook another Brisket next weekend. Got the fever so to speak =) Gonna try adding coffee somwhere in the mix. Dunno yet. So far i've cooked it fat cap up. So maybe gonna turn it over when i foil it...braise it with some kind of solution...i dont know...ill tinker around some ideas this week and come up w/something.....any ideas? Btw my aunt and uncle are visiting so id like to suprise them with something special.


The MAK cookbook has a good recipe as well, we use it all the time for shows. Don't drain any juice after IT200 just place in cooler.
Experiment with injections too, always fun and different.
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