No Excuse not to enter the contest this week! Lurkers sign up ....


Congrats to Scooter and Tatonka3a2 you both had excellent cooks...and so did everyone else. Thanks to BP for the prizes and thanks to RickB for the fantastic job at judging.


This gets pic of the week status!!! Such a good boy Colbie!! From the looks of those paws, it won't be long until he'll tip that 2 Star over! lol


Thank you Rick! You will love those chops!
Congrats to Scott and Tanya and to phantom, TD, Jim and NorCal/Colbie!

And thank you BP for providing the stage and trophies!


RickB said:
I believe the attachment manager limits attachments to 5 per post.

Is that a tapatalk thing? I don't use it.

No, anyone can attach pictures, which are then physically uploaded to the server (it's in the advanced editor window).

It's easy to use, but the disadvantages are: a) You don't get full sized pics, b) Five-attachment limit per post, c) It uses more space and bandwidth. A photo-hosting service such as Picasa, PhotoBucket, or Flickr is just better all around.
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