Oh Baby! This Weeks Contest Enter! Rip is the judge


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I did baby back ribs using a water pan and a side dish of Meathead's Crack 'n Cheese

First up; the rub: I put together Jan's Dry Rub; thanks KyNoLa and Jan.


Rubbed the ribs the night before; one of them I used CYM as the glue; the other two I used oil. Wish I would have kept track.

Around noon I fire up the grill and fill the water pan with boiling water

Ribs on top


While they are on, I switch my attention to the Mac and Cheese. The class picture

Cook the bacon; drain off all but 2 Tablespoons of the fat. Sauté the onion, bell pepper, and jalapeño in the fat. At the same time start melting the butter for the roux which we'll add milk to for a béchamel sauce, which will add cheese to for a cheese sauce.

While it is the oven, I turn back to the ribs. I took the water pan out earlier. Now, I applied the sauce, raised the temp on the MAK and grilled them for about 20 minutes.

30 minutes later the Mac 'n Cheese comes out of the oven

Dinner is served

Carla (far side) and her sister Linda loved it

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Salmon and Taters

Looked like Rip didn't have enough to judge this week so I thought i would toss one more in...........

Had a little hankering for some salmon and wanted to try out BP's oven smoked taters.

Here we go:

Took some salmon


Took some of this


Tossed it in the marinade express for 30


While the salmon getting flavorized worked on the taters, cubed up some Yukon Golds


Chopped a little garlic


1/2 stick of butter melted in mak running @400 (about 5 min)


Tossed it all together with some of this



On to the MAK @400


Salmon out of the express, hit it with a light dusting of Desert Gold



Salmon and Taters 2

Stirred the taters at 30 minutes and cooked for another 15, then put the fish on the grill along with some fish sticks (gotta keep the munchkins happy!)


Taters all done after an hour @400


Stirred up


Salmon looking good after 15 minutes @400


Time to eat


This came out great, the SOW marinade is fabulous on fish, my wife loves it and this was some of the best Salmon we have had. BP's potato recipe was great as well, will be playing with this one in the future.
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Pork Butt Ham and Three Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes Part 1!!

Ive made a couple of hams whith whole legs but wanted to do something smaller this time!! May I add that out of all the hams ive made this was by far the juciest and best tasteing one yet!!

Started with an 8lb Pork Butt.. Made a brine with Kosher Salt, Brown Sugar and Pink Salt...Let it cure for 4 days...

Took it out of the brine and let it rest uncovered and refrigerated for 24 hours..

Baked Six potatoes on the Mak last night then refrigerated till today... Grated potatoes along with fresh grated Gruyere, White Sharp Chedder And Parmesan Reggiano Cheeses.. Added Sour Cream and Diced Shallots.

Ham after about 4.5 hrs at 225

Glazed Ham and added potatoes with about 2.5 hrs to go..

Workin on her Tan


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Part 2

Ham and potatoes 2hrs later



Bumped it up to 250 for about 30 more min...Pulled ham at 157IT and let rest about 20 min and poured ourselves a nice refreshing Blue Moon!

Sliced and served



My Mak does it again!!!


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i want a ice cream sandwich plz. :) susan. nice meal girl friend. good cook. wow, you ppl are great cooks. i don't want to be rip. ah, poor rip. :(

ice cream sandwich in the freezer with your name on it Spark! Susan cooks some good food, it's good to see her posting. I wouldn't want to be Rip either.
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Late-night Cheese Smoke - Part 2

Lol, I almost forgot to post this...

Finished smoking.

And now...

The money shot:

Thanks, and best wishes to everyone for this weeks contest!
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Wow! Awesome response so far! (I might have to flag some of you for piling on :) )
*** We only need two more chefs to enter to make BP bump up the prize fund ***

Judging will start after 9pm CDT....
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smoker pete

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Stuffed Bell Peppers

Found some Bell Peppers on sale yesterday and it inspired me to stuff a few and pop them in the MAK using Hickory pellets. Parboiled some peppers and cooked the bell pepper tops, onions, and hamburger with some garlic and spices.


Mixed some steamed rice, the meat, and tomato sauce.


Stuffed the peppers, topped with some grated cheese, and preheated the MAK to 350º


An hour and 15 minutes later


The money $shot ... Stuffed Bell Peppers with a side of Cole Slaw ... The peppers had a nice mild wisp of hickory. As the weather starts to heat up here in Central California I see the oven and stove being used less and less.



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Everything looks so freaking good.

I aint even in ya'lls league with the great cooks your doing.



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Just Ribs

Had a good cook yesterday, the weather is starting to look like spring. Although it did snow before I had the ribs pulled.

A little PM and and some of my new Obie-Ques Sweat N Heat. Fired up the Traeger and let the ribs warm up a bit.

On the grill at 180 with apple pellets.

4 hours later pulled and foiled with my Stinger honey, peach preserves, chopped pickled garlic with hot peppers ( called wow sauce ) and butter.
Turned heat up to 225 for 1 hour. Then unwrapped and finished for 1\2 hour with my new favorite Mango Habanero rib candy...
Plated with slaw, sweat potato, corn good meal. Good ribs


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WOW! Great week!

I think most would agree this is probably the hardest week to judge we’ve ever had.
Twelve entrants, ~22 entries. And they are all awesome. This was unbelievably tough. I have a rule, (in a contest with few rules,) I only award one prize per entrant...even shortening the list to twelve entries didn’t help much. I can’t say enough about the entries this and every week!
Thank you all for sharing what you’re cooking!!

Without further ado:
Judge’s Comments

- Sparky’s Hillbilly Ribs
I love those ribs, they look great! The bacon weave makes it look like a critter, a giant smoked centipede. :)
- Desert Gold Chicken
Nice looking chicken Sparky! The wedge salad and baked tater look great! I like the adult beverage timer too.

- Simple Pulled Pork
Cliff, nobody squeezes more out of their grill than you, that shot of two whole shoulders on your Stoven is priceless!
- Late-night Cheese Smoke
Wow! That’s a lot of great looking cheese! Cliff, I want you to do a series on smoked cheese…I’m serious, I know next to nothing about this topic…and you have a wealth right here with this cook! Tell us what works and what doesn’t and what you like to use various cheese for.

- Stuffed MAK’Burgers
Rick, those are awesome looking burgers! Love the avocado, but the chili cheese is off the hook!

- Pork Chop Dinner
Nice looking dinner! Love the side of green beans.
- Dog’s Beef Ribs
Those look like happy campers! Who knew dogs like beef ribs? Two paws way up!
- Baby Back Ribs
Nice rack! You have lucky neighbors!
- Desert Brownies with walnuts and frosting
OK! Stop right here. I’m going to have to flag you for piling on! Penalty: you have to post another cook…now! (just teasing!) Again, with the lucky neighbors!
- Tri Tip done with Santa Maria style
That’s a great looking piece of meat! Tri Tips can take a little ‘over cooking’, I love Tri Tips!

- Cooking for the Office – Part I Turkey & Bean Burritos
Those are great looking burritos! I with you, the longer beans meld with what’s cooking, the better.
- Cooking for the Office – Part II Turkey Sausage & Peppers
Nicely done! I think of what gets brought to our office and I want to cry.
- Cooking for the Office – Part III Pork Butts
MMMMM! They better appreciate you at work!
- Not cooking for the Office
Mr. Deb is a lucky guy!

- Basic Prime Rib/Scooters Bananas
Carter, anytime you use simple or basic at the start of your cooks, I know it will be great! This was no exception. Perfect Prime Rib, killer looking meal! Add Scooters Bananas with homemade whip….oh yeah!
- Salmon and Taters
Don’t you just love SOW Marinade! Hard to beat the oven browns too! You absolutely crushed it this week!

- First Spatchcocked Chicken
Nobody forgets their first spatchcock, and this one looks memorable to me! Love the rosemary. Nice plating!

- Remotely (Turkey!) MAKloaf
Turkey, baby bellas, roasted red peppers, CT, what’s not to like? Add a Remote Boss demo and black eyed peas with tasso…great stuff Squirt!

- Baby Back Ribs/Crack ‘n Cheese
Great cook. Felt like I was watching a cooking show going through the pics. Well Done!

- Pork Butt Ham and 3 Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes
That looks great! The sliced butt is awesome and you make the best grated potato sides.

smoker pete
– Stuffed Bell Peppers
Ok Pete, your at least the third entrant today whose found a soft spot…I love stuffed peppers! (and these look killer!)

– Just Ribs
Yeah, well they look just great! I think that Mango Habanero stuff is perfect for glazing, ribs, chicken, meatloaf!
Prize refresh: (BPS Store credit)
First $35
Second $20
Third $15
Fourth $10

And the winners are:
4th – Deb - Cooking for the Office – Part I Turkey & Bean Burritos
3rd – Ht01us - Baby Back Ribs/Crack ‘n Cheese
2nd – Susan - First Spatchcocked Chicken
1st – CarterQ - Salmon and Taters

BP, thanks for sponsoring the forum and this contest!
Thanks again to all who shared this week!!!


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Great food every one. CONGRATS to all the winners your food was excellent and to all the other cooks your food was all wonderful. Hands off to Rip I know it was a hard decision with all the great food.
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