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Pros share their favorite cuts


I've heard of some of those steak cuts and some I haven't. That was an interesting read.

A steak cut I learn about just a few months ago are called a "Butcher's" or "Hanger" steak. My butcher said he'll save me a couple.

The second article... I question some of their choices. Bacon is overrated? That's sacrilege! ;) lol


I know right? Everyone has an opinion! :)

You can get your hands on hanger steaks at any Mexican market although I don't know if there are many Mexican markets in NE Ohio. :)
Here in CA there are no shortage of Mexican markets. My fav is Mi Pueblo. It's a large market maybe 70K plus square feet. HUGE meat counter (hanger steaks stacked a foot tall), fresh fish, fresh produce, fresh made salsas, fresh made corn and flour tortillas (you can buy them hot) and a large restaurant area with prepared foods.

Hawk Lax

New member
Hanger if done rare can have a taste close to liver. Not a liver fan myself always go medium rare at least on hanger.
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