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I stole this idea from BP's Friday night dinner - I bought a strip and cut it into a couple roasts and steaks.

A little siracha slather and then some money rub

Rolled a few potatoes around in some olive oil and some kosher salt

All in the MAK


When the potatoes were done pulled, cut the tops off the potatoes, scooped out the potato, mashed up with some milk, sour cream, chives, pepper, some of the smoked salt from the outside of the potatoes and some cheddar cheese.. Stuffed back into the potatoes and topped with some more cheddar - into the MAK to heat it all back up, then a little time under the broiler


Pulled the beef at 131, into foil while I finished everything up



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Pork Chops, it was what was for supper.

This was just a simple but delicious supper. Started with a new product my wife found at the grocery store called Grillers and thought might as well give them a try...



Then the pork chops we used a rub a friend sent us to sample called Herb's Herbs and put the Grillers and pork chops on the Yoder to smoke at 150º for an hour or so with back up smoke assistance from our new tube pellet smoker. (Bison steaks in the rear were a last minute add on and weren't planned as part of this meal).


Pulled the pork chops and left the Grillers while the Yoder got up to 325º to finish off the chops.


Here we are with plated pork chops, the Grillers and carrots. Grillers were good, I guess I would suggest trying them for a little change up in the meal and the pork chops with Herb's Herb was great!


Thanks for looking!


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Ribs Three Ways

Okay, so if I do another, does that count towards getting us to twenty? Well, I hope so.
We dug the ribs from last night so much that I wanted to make more, but I wanted to make them even better!

So, Yardbird on all three racks.

Then, onto the grill at 275F a la Sparky Style. FL with chipotles in adobo sauce with some apple cider vinegar.

The other two racks got my FL with Filipino Banana Sauce and apple cider vinegar.

After FL, I did a bit of saucing. Diluted these down and brushed them on a couple of times over the next half hour or so.

Here's how it all looked at that time.

Finished product.


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I really did not want to do a whole pile of work today so I took the easy way and made some chicken with what I think pass as middle eastern spices and sides. I got some Chicken breasts out this morning and gave them a soak in a basic brine, dried them off and gave them a sumac based rub.

Tossed them on the Traeger with some veggies for a salad.

Once everything was cooked..

Plated up.

I wanted to make a fun dessert so earlier I made the base for a blueberry creme brulee.

Torched it.

And ate it...

It was a good feed for a lazy sunday. Thanks for looking guys.


Well, we didn't make 20 entrants, but the one we had were outstanding. You'd think after judging a few of these it might get easier, but it doesn't. This week we had several really creative and different types of cooks. You guys juts keep getting better and more creative.

It was tough narrowing it down to three, but without further ado...

3rd Place: Roburado's ribs topped with the Chili-Banana Sauce. Brother, you sure peeked my curiosity with that banana sauce and I sure wish I could've tasted them!

2nd Place: Chili Head's Chicken stuffed with Garlic Shoots. Again another very different and creative dish. You had my mouth watering big time!

1st Place: NorCal's Roasted Tomoto topped Tilapia and Roasted green Beans & Tomatoes. WOW!!! I have to tell you Tilapia is my least favorite fish and I would still have eaten some of that (it may have something to do with the fact that I live roasted tomatoes). I will be doing that dish soon, but with a different fish.

Well done everyone, and Many Thanks to BP for hosting the contest!

Chili Head

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Thanks TH! I didn't expect to place that high!
Way to go roburado and NorCal! Excellent plates!

Way to go everyone! Your participation is what makes this place feel like home.

Thanks BP for the coin!


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congrats to the winners, another great week of cooks

thanks Cliff for judging and BP for the sandbox


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Congrats to the winners and to everyone who participated. Come on you lurkers! We know you're out there cookin'. Join in so we can see some more food :) Thanks BP!


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Congrats to the winners. I love the "twists" applied to the winning cooks.

I, too, want to hear more about banana sauce. Sounds interesting.

Thanks Cliff for judging. Thanks BP for letting everyone "express themselves".



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Haha! Banana sauce? It's like Filipino ketchup. I guess the Philippines has more bananas than tomatoes. So, Filipinos made due. I didn't have any brown sugar or honey in the house like Sparky's usual FL. So, I made due. The banana sauce can be sweet, which mine was. It can be spicy and sweet. It brings some sweetness and some color depending on how much you use.

Anyway, proud to be 3rd! Thanks, TH! Congrats to the other winners! Great cooks, everyone. As usual, I was just in it to collect credit for entering. No use throwing away $5, right? Nice to win a bit more!
Wow! With all of the great entries I sure did not expect this! Thanks!! Congrats to all of the winners and thanks BP for letting us play.


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That's what's great with the contest; you never know, so you might as well enter! :)

Yeah, what's fun is just cooking for yourself and your friends and family--whatever you think will taste good for you and your audience. Then, you can earn $5 back--just for telling people what you cooked. If you're top-three, you get a few extra bucks too! Cool how that works!

Then, the other cool thing is seeing all the great cooks that other people do! There are always some damn good cooks--everytime!!!

Anyway, Thanks, TH! Thanks, BP!
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