This Weeks Contest bflodan is the Judge


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Sorry guys, not sure how early I could have posted this... I do have a 2 year old thats tough to work around at this time of night.... Anyways it looked like another awesome weekend of smoking... Ive only been doing this the last few months and I cant get enough.... The possibilites are endless as everyone can see..So here it goes::

Deb: simple is one of the reasons why I bought my Mak, as you can see my hands are full around here with my son..The tenderloin looked fantastic

Squirt: What a great lookin fish taco, It made me hungry just lookin at it..That slaw looked great

JimsBBQ: A second round of Swai Fillets, I havent even heard of them till this week....Looked great

FLBent Rider: Those Flank steaks damaged my computer with all that juice, and nothing looks better than 6 racks of ribs

Tent Hunter: Out of the park this week I thought the braise was unreal, then you follow it up with the Jamaican Feast... Home run

TTNuge: The color on that dry aged was awesome, My mouth is still watering, the finished product looked even better....Great Job

ht01us: Great lookin Pork my friend...Ive never tried brining a butt, I now have something new on my list

Rip: What an idea, I gotta have some of that....Looked so good!!

Sparky: That Tilapia looks liked it came out of one of these 5 star restaurants on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip...Great Job, and I hope your patient is doing better..

Malawoo: Looks like you fed an army!! Great work, im sure no one left hungry..

This is such a hard spot to be in, Everything looked so good.... I hope to be in this spot again soon, Great Work Everybody

3rd Rip

2nd Sparky

1st Tent Hunter
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Congrats everyone, another great week of cooks and special thanks to bflodan for judging, it's a tough job! Have a 4 year old and a 1 year old so I know how crazy the dinner, bath, and bedtime can be. The dust doesn't settle around here until about 9!
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I have a 2 year old thats tough to work around at this time of night....

Wow, Hat's off to you my friend! I remember those days and I didn't have to judge a cooking contest full of amazing entries. This is getting tougher and tougher and better and better every week!

Trent, You've got me wanting a dry age system. Simply amazing!

Congrats to everyone. Judging next week... I already feel the pressure.

Thanks again to Big Poppa for hosting the forum and contest :).


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Congrats to Tent and Sparky! Great job by all the cooks! Thanks for judging bflodan, and thanks to BP for hosting this forum!


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you guys have 1, 2 and 4 year olds. damn, ya'll must be puppies yourselves. my kids are 22, 24, 29 yr olds and 11 yr old grandson. good luck to you guys. i do remember that i was tired alot when i had them that young. drink alot of coffee. :)
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