This weeks contest Everybody wins that enters 8/12

Big Poppa

Hey Kevin! Nice you get to see that cooking is easier than judging first hand...Spinny has let everyone know that while he enjoyed third place his first entry he is coming after all of you!
Bring in on Kids1

First place $25 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
second place $15 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Everybody else that enters gets a $5 credit

make me pay....make me go to little louie for gas money!


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The Winning Entry

started w/ some costco lobster tails and split them in 1/2. brush w/ some butter.


threw them down on #63 @ ? (i don't remember, it is friday ya know). look how nice that meat is.


flipped them and a brush of butter.


look at the little lovelies.


sparky's smoked lobster (using sparky's special blended pellets (oak, apple, cherry)), coos coos (i don't know how to spell it), sliced tomatoes, french bread and a nice big glass of moo juice.


heh, get your own butter!!


thank you, thank you. yes i believe this is the winner. lol.....:cool:
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smoker pete

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Smoked Corned Beef Brisket

Nothing beats a nice Boiled Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner and most people enjoy the feast once a year on St Patrick's Day. But if you love Corned Beef as much as I do then you have one at least every two months.

Rinsed the 4½ lb Corned Beef Flat Cut Brisket using cold water for a few minutes.


Preheated the MAK 2 Star to 225ºF with Hickory Wood Pellets and smoked for 5½ hours. My MAK 2 Star SMOKE setting ranges around 180ºF and provides a copious amount of smoke flavor but have also had great results at the 225ºF setting when cooking Pork Butts and Briskets for long periods of time.


After 5½ hours the Internal Temperature (IT) was 158ºF and I bumped the temperature to 250ºF.


3½ hours later, 9 hours total, the IT reached 185ºF. Pulled the Hickory Smoked Corned Beef and rested under a foil tent for 20 minutes.


While the Corned Beef was resting, I steamed some potatoes and sautéed Cabbage, Mushrooms, and Onions. For a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner I would boil the Cabbage in the same pot that the Corned Beef was simmered for hours. Not having that luxury, I improvised and used to Wok.


No bark was formed on the Corned Beef Brisket since I did not apply any rub. You can see a thin layer that formed on the Brisket. The Smoked Corned Beef Brisket turned out incredible!!


The money $shot ... A few slices of delectable Hickory Smoked Corned Beef Brisket served with sautéed Cabbage/Mushroom/Onions, steamed potatoes, and a side of Cantaloupe Melon.


The Hickory Smoked Corned Beef Flat Cut Brisket turned out wonderful. The meat was tender and moist with a pleasing smoke flavor. Next time I may take the Corned Beef Brisket to 195-200ºF and FTC for 2 hours to gauge the results. None the less, it's a luscious way to prepare and serve Corned Beef.


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2nd Place Entry

a little smoked chicken salad. this was a great cook.

some annies (from costco), desert gold and some sunshine (first time using this).


pellet boss time. smoked for 1 hour then 325º until 165º. how cool is that. (don't really have a set temp for chicken 325º to 375º mostly)


looking good.




fell completely apart. good job spark.


cut up the smoked chicken. added smoked slivered almonds, dried cranberries, cut up fuji apples and some other stuff. mixed up and put in frig for 1 hour to chill. some lettuce, sliced avocados, tomatoes & apples. threw down some smoked chicken goodness. must have moo juice.


this was excellent. the smoked chicken flavor came through ever so lightly. fantastic. this might be the winner and the smoked lobster 2nd. i don't know. you decide kevin.
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Wow. You weren't kidding when you said it is easier to cook than judge Big Poppa.
Keep these excellent entries coming everyone!
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Sliced Beef Shoulder

Started with with a 5lb Beef Shoulder clod - I thought they were like 20 lbs, but I saw this one and picked it up the other day.

I gave it a slather of Carolina Treet.

Then a spice rub - 3/3/1/1/1 Salt/Pepper/Garlic/Cayenne/Cocoa

At 7am, I put it on the MAK and programmed the Pellet Boss for 1 hour on SMOKE, then switch to 225F, then I headed to work to get some stuff done.

Somewhere around 10:40 AM, the power flickered and changed my programming back to SMOKE...

I got home around 1500 (3PM) and checked the IT - 143F ??? - kicked the temp from SMOKE to 300F

Boated with some white wine.

I when the IT was 200F I figured it was done.

I wanted to pull it, but it seemed like it wanted to be sliced.


Plated with a Jiffy muffin. I'm not sure what happend to my depth of field on this pic.


Homemade Sausage

I've been wanting to make a variety of sausage for quite a while now and I finally jumped in this weekend. I've made venison sausage for the past couple of years now but never made any other type. So ... I started out by finding some good casings knowing that I wanted to make some lamb sausage. I picked up some 20-22 sheep casings from the local meat processor.

I tried my hardest to find some whole cuts of lamb but discovered that I was searching on days just before a big Albanian ethnic day and there's a big demand for fresh lamb. Just my luck... Okay, plan B just use some ground lamb and give this all a test run.

So, I toasted some pine nuts and picked some fresh rosemary from the garden for the sausage mix. The first pic sets up the ingredients used. While I was at it, I thought I would make some chicken sausage using some Leerdamer Swiss, granny smiths, white wine and shallots. I bought boneless chicken thighs and put them through the grinder and then mixed everything up.


This was my first time using a sheep casing. I've run quite a bit of hog casing in the past and thought it would be just as easy. Well, surprise to me this was much more challenging. The first casing I grabbed must have been on the small size as I struggled the entire time from the point of loaded it onto the stuffer to shooting it with meat. You can see I had quite a few blowouts. I reworked these sections and the next casing treated me much kinder.


These are the pics of the lamb sausages using 3 pounds of ground. I followed this up with the chicken sausage mix using 2 pounds of ground chicken. Time to get dinner going ... and a few of each onto the grill (chicken on left, lamb on right). I smoked them for about 30 minutes then bumped temp to 275. They didn't take long since these were pretty thin --- just like hotdogs.


I put the whole meat together with a pasta salad using fresh vegetables from the garden, fresh mozzarella and some corn from the farmer's market (fresh local corn now in Michigan) and we were loving it.


The sheep casing are nice in texture and let the flavor come through. Next time I will get the larger casings so the sausages are a bit bigger in diameter and hopefully fill easier. Funny that the opinions were split on which sausage was better. Tied between the lamb and chicken. Glad I made extra for a future meal.

Bon Appetite
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Chez Barb's Hickory Smoked Poke

I smoked a couple little 7# butts for the office cafeteria lady a few weeks ago.. She sold out in 90 minutes. We decided we won't let that happen again.

Molasses slathered Dumpstered up Salt Lick bringing the flavor..





We'll check back in the morning..


8:30. Booty Call!

Traeger butts are done.


MAK butts are coming out of the stall. The top right one went on the Traeger as he was in the 160s. (and I need the MAK again this afternoon)


The other 2 should be done by 10AM or so.


(more like noon)

This one is done. Just a little while longer on the top rack.



The stragglers..

Top shelf MAK butt. Pretty.


And there is always one stubborn butt. He's in the Traeger now. I need to cool the MAK off so I can clean it out and change the foil.


It's time to start pulling the ones from this morning.


After 4 hours in the cooler, they pulled nice and easy.


3 down, 3 to go. (4.25 pounds per bucket)



Everyone is finally done and parked in the freezer. Will deliver them to the office tomorrow.



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Muebe's Island Coonass Nuggets

(back story, there is a guy on the Bradley Smoker forum known as Muebe, and he makes jerky nuggets with lean stew meat, Soy Vay Teriyaki and a shake of Cayenne - that's it)

Here's my spin on them.


Add about 4 pounds of London Broil. Butchered into nugget like entities.

Into the Reveo.. Almost the entire bottle of sauce, and a heavy T each of Slap Ya Momma and the Hawaiian Cajun rub I got from Ka Honu. And a scant tsp of Pink Salt.


Overnight in the fridge..


If these things are half as good as they smell.. Wow.


Racked up. Channeling some Coonass Coffee vibes.


Now here is where I go a totally different direction..


Propped the lid up to bleed some of the heat out. Yeah, those MAK's make some smoke.


I think this will work. Might have to rotate them around a bit later.


We'll check back later...


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Muebe's Island Coonass Nuggets (cont.)

Reglazed around the 4 hour mark.




Cut the power to the MAK aorund the 4:30 mark. It goes into a 20 minute shutdown w/ the convection fan on turbo. Pulled them off at the 5 hour mark.



Awesome color from the marinade at the billowing Oak smoke.


In da bag.


In da fridge..


I snitched a couple of the smaller gnarlier looking ones. Fantastic flavor. All Island, very little Cajun. I'll definitely amp up the Cajun side next time.

Well worth the time and effort involved!


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i'm thinking you need to cryovac some and send to citrus heights, ca. 95610. ty. lol.... those little babies look real good. perfect snacky poos...


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L & L Chicken Thighs
I made a marinade with the juice of one whole lime and one whole lemon and added the zest of each. I mixed in some brown sugar, Annie’s Basil Olive oil, a whole diced shallot, 6 pressed cloves of garlic and whisked it all together.
I put the chicken thighs in a plastic zip lock bag and just before pouring the marinade over them I decided to add some red pepper flakes to the marinade. Then put them in the fridge, reserving some of the marinade for the plating.

I removed the chicken from the marinade, boiled the marinade for basting and loaded them onto the Weber with some oak pellets.

Ready to baste.

Getting some nice color.

The final product.

The thighs were moist and bursting with flavor with just the right amount of flavor from the oak pellets. The fresh baby spinach was sautéed lightly in olive oil and finished with Balsamic vinegar and topped with mushrooms and wilted cherry tomatoes. Thanks for looking.
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