This weeks contest Everybody wins that enters 8/12


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Chicken Cordon Bleu a la Memphis

Decided on chicken cordon bleu last night for dinner. Went with half sliced boneless skinless chicken breast (for ease of pounding out), proscuitto, fresh graded gruyere cheese. I used parmesan/herb panko bread crumbs, flour seasoned with salt and pepper, fresh thyme (leaves only), 1 clove of garlic (minced), butter and a egg wash.


Pounded out the chicken breast about a 1/4" thick between two pieces of saran wrap. Layered with a healthy amount of gruyere and two slices of proscuitto.


Rolled up the bundles of love then rolled them again in saran wrap to help keep their form. Placed them into fridge while I prepared them to be washed with eggs, dusted with a little seasoned flour and rolled in the panko/butter/garlic mixture.


Ready to be placed in the Memphis at 350...


About 15 minutes in I took a look to see how things were going. Lookin' good...I also cut up cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Tossed the veggies in garlic EVOO and house seasoning.


Roughly 25 minutes later I yanked the the chicken from the smoker. I had to make sure they were done so I sliced one open to make sure. Yep, their done! Meanwhile I turned the veggies and spread them out. Finished the veggies off at 425...


The money shot...I also made a parmesan cheese sauce from scratch that was AMAZING. Drizzled it over the medallions. It was kind of a lot of work but well worth it!

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Prime Flat Iron, Bone In Chicken Breast, Parm Roasted Fingerlings and Balsamic Choke

Had to get my weekly Meat and Potato fix in..This is easily one of my favorites..Was kind of in a rush tonight so I cooked a little faster with a higher temp than usual...Results where still excellent...Cant really mess anything up with the MAK!! Chicken was for the wife and soon to be Daughter....One and a half more weeks till she is here...Shouldnt cut into my smoke sessions though I hope!!

Steamed an artichoke for about 25 min. Cut in half and cleaned the choke out..Threw it in a balsamic marinade for about 2hrs..

Cup some fingerlings mixed with garlic evoo, DG, LLWP, a little butter and some parm..

Chicken rubbed with a little CT and hit it with some PB

Had a bottle of A1 NY Steakhouse Marinade in my cupboard so I figured what the hell, Ill try it!! Hit the flat iron with a fork about six times on either side then into a ziplock with some marinade for about 8 hours..Hit it with a little LLWP and DSSR.

Onto the MAK at different intervals running at 325

When my Flat Iron hit 123 I pulled it into the warmer box and cranked her to high...Onto the searing grate for about 3 min per side along with the artichokes..





Was a really great meal!!
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Honey BBQ Ribs & Rib Tips

I've had a hankering for some good Honey BBQ ribs, plus I've been wanting to try some kind of butter/sugar combo when foiling so here goes...

The ribs & rib tips rubbed with some homemade rub and put on the Stoven. I used a Oak/Black Walnut pellet mix for this cook. That combo is a lot like hickory.

A couple hours of smoke-love and ribs/tips get the same treatment: foiled with a little cider vinegar, butter & honey. A great balance I will definitely use again. Like Sparky says, look at the butter melt! :)

Waste not, want not! No way was I going to waste those precious juices & caramelized honey caught in the foil. I added it to the homemade Honey BBQ Sauce.

Ribs & Tips get a glaze.

Done and ready to go in the house to be trimmed.


The Honey BBQ Ribs trimmed.

And the rib tips... They actually disappeared quicker than the ribs!

I really like the butter/honey/vinegar combo for foiling. It was a great balance between the sweet & tangy and the honey flavor came through nicely right along with the black walnut smoke.

Craving satisfied!
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Kevin Arsenault

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Great job to everyone who entered.

First place this week goes to Sparky for his Lobster tail!
Not entirely sure you did not make it just because you know I can't cook any at the moment, but even if you did that's just good strategy.

Fear not forum goers, for Sparky did not claim 2nd in addition as he predicted, for...

Spinny with is chicken cordon bleu did!
In fact, I may just have to make this dish next time I cook something, so thanks for giving some nice instructions to work on!

Lastly, third place was nearly a three way tie for me, but in the end our winner is..

Tent's honey ribs!
To me, ribs are possibly the greatest food in the world, and it looks like you did a great job with them.
And I will have to remember what you did with the butter and the foil sheet under the meat next time I cook some.

A couple honorable mentions to squirt for both his pulled pork, and nugget.. things.
I was considering both for 3rd place.

Well It's been great judging, but I can't wait to cook next weekend.
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thank you very much kevin. i finally won. 2nd time winning for me. ya, ya, ya. congrats to spinny and TH. alot of very good cooks. alright, i am into seafood nowadays. just a little hint, hint for next week. thanks bp and kev man. ya for me. time for a FT or 3. i am so happy. :)


Thanks for judging Kevin. It's a tough job.

Oh baby... Sparky won it as he predicted! Way to go, Bro!

Spinny, I made some simple cordon bleu sandwiches with some grilled chicken earlier this week but yours look so much better. I wanted to jump through my screen and into your kitchen!

Thanks Big Poppa for hosting this week after week just so we have can have a little fun!

And I will have to remember what you did with the butter and the foil sheet under the meat next time I cook some.

The pictures don't show but the foil was wrapped around the ribs so they could braise for about an hour and a half 'till tender.
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