This Weeks Contest!!!!!!!!!Rip is in the hot seat

Big Poppa

Lets go get em!

Rip won again....Lets see you guys and gals dig deep and lets get some action going here

Test yourselves...cook something completely different!!!! Mexican....indian...knock it outside the box! Ok you can do whatever you want but the fun thing is watching the great ways you kids are coming up with using your pellet cookers


six cookers entered:
1st 25.00 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers
2nd $15.00 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers
3rd $10.00 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers

If there are 12 cooks entered
1st 35.00 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers
2nd $25.00 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers
3rd $15.00 gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers
4th $10.00gift certificate to Big Poppa Smokers


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MAK 3 Bean Bacon Bake PT 1

This entry will be in 2 parts because there are allot of pics.

Part 1 will be the Rum BBQ sauce.

Dark rum my son in law brings back from the Dominican Republic.


Soften the onion, bell peppers and garlic in 1/2 cup canola.

Add the dry, and wet and simmer for 25 mins


Strain and then food processor


Cool and put in a container.


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MAK 3 Bean Bacon Bake PT 2

Here is PT 2

2 cans of any style baked beans (undrained)
2 can any style kidney beans (drained)
2 cans pinto beans (drained)

Add to pan

Add 2 cups of the Rum bbq sauce and 1/2 cup water. Mix together and add to the beans. Simmer for 20 mins.

Add the bacon to the cast iron dutch. (you can use any sort of pan)

Add the bean to the dutch and fold the bacon over the beans.

In the MAK at 350* I'm using hickory pellets. MAK it for 45 mins



There it is.

I will get some $$ shots when my wife gets some for her work dinner.


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I recall reading a thread TTNuge started about his 90 day weight loss challenge, and whether his MAK would sacrafice or not. I myself joined a competition at work for the next 12 weeks, very similiar to the biggest loser, so I too am paying close attention to what i'm putting in my tank!

With that being said, the great thing about being on the other side of the country from say BP, and others I was very fortunate to learn about Tri-Tip. Never have attempted to cook it, well mainly because I had never heard of it until joining the forum.

I stopped by my local meat market and picked up a 2lb tri-tip with the idea of incorporating it into salad. So here we go first tri-tip experience


Using a simple rub of pepper, garlic powder, and kosher salt


Fresh produce along with some bacon


Tossed, if you will


Set the MAK to "Smoke" and put the Tri-Tip on, opted to go ahead and utilize the grill grates on this one.


Utilized Apple Wood, mixed with a small amount of Mesquite. I set up the Pellet Boss to run smoke setting until internal temperature reached 100 degrees, and then bumped up to 225. My target on this was 130, about 2 hours 15 minutes later I hit it, and foiled and removed from the MAK. Bumped up the setpoint to high, after about 10 minutes at 485, I utilized a reverse sear. After 15 minutes of rest, I removed from foil and placed it on the cutting board. Somewhat of a money shot here..


Final Product


Overall, first experience with Tri-Tip. Wow, what an amazing cut of beef. This was awesomely moist, very flavorful. I can now understand why some call this the poor mans prime rib.

I will definitely be putting Tri-Tip as a regular on the menu here at the house, my wife loved it!


I put them up on another forum as well, and some indicate this may not be tri-tip, but sirloin tip. I have no idea since i'm not familiar with this cut. If someone who is more of an expert can comment, I'd like to know what it was? It was labeled as California Tri-Tip.
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Re-skinned Apple Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters

I like to season as much under the skin as possible on Poultry as I do on the skin. So I skinned some Chicken Leg Quarters carefully to keep the skin intact and rubbed the chicken with some EVOO, Jan's Dry Rub on 3 and Fagundes Seasoning on the remaining 2.


Re-skinned the Chicken Leg Quarters, applies another coating of EVOO, and Seasonings.


Preheated the MAK to 400º using Apple. Setpoint to SMOKE for 1½ hours, then bumped the temperature to 350º until the IT reached 180ºF. Rested under a foil tent for 20 minutes.


The money $shot ... Chicken Leg Quarter, some fried red taters with onions, and a little salad ;D


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First MAK Pork Butts

First shot at a couple of 6 lb Pork Shoulder Boston Butts using my MAK Pellet Grill. Rubbed the Butts with Carolina Treet and John Henry's Texas Pig Rub. Wrapped in plastic and set in fridge overnight


Took the Butts out of the fridge and allowed them to come to room temperature for an hour. Preheated the MAK to 225º using Hickory. Slapped the Boston Butts in at 9 PM. Watched them till around 1 AM before taking a snooze ...


At 7:15 the next morning the Butts had an IT of 168º and 164º. Right smack into a nice stall. There's 3 things you can count on: Death, Taxes, and a stall on your Pork Butts ;D ;D


Pulled at 1:30 PM when IT1 hit 203º and IT2 was 197º. 16½ hours later. Got a nice glimpse of a smoke ring. Note that I have the fat cap side up but in hind sight, I'm going to be placing the fat cap side down from now on to help promote a better bark formation ... not that there's anything wrong with the looks of this bark!!


Foil, Towel, and Cooler (FTC) for 4+ hours


I be liking the look of these Pork Butts :eek: Nice bark formation and an impressive smoke ring


The money $shot ... Pulled Pork Butt, a fresh Growler of Amber, Cole Slaw, Beans, and a selection of finishing Sauces ...


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MAK Red Snapper Fillets

For a quick and dirty meal you can't beat a little fresh Red Snapper fillets on a Pellet Grill. Found these on sale at my local Market. Sprayed the Fish Rack with some PAM. Lightly coated both sides of the Red Snapper fillets with EVOO, Old Bay, and some Fagundes Seasoning.


Preheated the MAK to 410ºF using some Alder and slapped the fillets on the grill.


Took about 16 minutes ... Red Snapper fillets were done when they easily flaked with a fork.


The money $shot ... A Red Snapper fillet, some steamed Cauliflower, a salad, and a glass of some nice Syrah. Yes, I know that white wine normally should be served with fish (match the color of the wine with the color of the food) but I'm not a big fan of white wines. It's all good ... :D ;)



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Started the day by baking some mini whole wheat sub rolls

Finally - a tritip :D rubbed with BP double secret steak rub .

Into the grill with some onions & peppers


a little garlic on the roll, everything piled on with a little white cheddar


in the grill to melt the cheese


messy looking but tasty


the sandwich came out bumped up the temp to 350 - chocolate souffle in


warm souffle, vanilla frozen yogurt & strawberries



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Pork butt ala Spark

nothing out of the ordinary.

someone a while back sliced a pork butt. since my butcher cut the bone out and tied it. i thought why not. never had a butt sliced before. so here we go.
i injected with SOW marinade. used wee willy's white sauce for glue (who says its just for chicken) and then rubbed with little louies w/pepper and wee willy's pork rub.

put on #336 @ 275º (never cooked at such a high heat before, normal = 225º)

looking good cisco....

pulled at 150º to wrap with FT and brown sugar.

pulled at ?. i wasn't paying attention. let rest for 2 hours. and sliced.

it was juicy and very tasty. wife love it sliced over pulling it. nice smoke ring.
yummy for my tummy.
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