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Helll everyone. I’ve had a couple pellet smokers over the past 8 years or so. My first was a Traeger Lil Tex Elite that I upgraded with a Savannah controller. Decent grill, but had to upgrade. I upgraded to a Blaz’n Grid Iron which I have added the WiFi connection to. My current issue is with the grill temps on the Grod Iron. It seems over the 3 and half years that I’ve owned the Grid Iron, the grill surface temp has become increasingly uneven (I think). When I cook bacon, the bacon on the right side of the grill finishes considerably earlier than the bacon in the center, and even more so than the bacon on the left side of the grill. I’ve added a Dan Godke Downdraft hood, but that hasn’t helped as much as I was hoping. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what causes the right side of my grill to be noticeably hotter than the left?



Do a biscuit test.

Go to the store and buy a can or two of cheap biscuits. Place them evenly across the bottom grate and cook them. when done, look at the bottoms of the biscuits and they will show you, for sure, if and where hot spots are.

Hot spots can be caused by many things. The usual problem with the grid iron is the chimney design on the top right side. It allows heat/smoke to escape from the top right side instead of keeping it down at grate level. This can cause heat to rush over toward the right side, so the left side doesn't get proper heat flow.

Many guys who own the grid iron (and other smokers with this chimney design) have installed a third-party downdraft baffle which forces the smoke & heat to stay down closer to the grate before exiting, thereby evening out temperatures across the grate better, and increasing smoke flavor on the food.

I have a friend who owns a Grid Iron and it made a HUGE difference for him.

I know that Don Godke makes them. You can google and find them easily enough.
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