WHOOP WHOOP! Carter Q is the Judgee for this weeks contest!

Big Poppa

After a dazzling display of marrying meat with pastry...Carter came away with the big Big Poppa Bucks...he is in the hot seat.

Lets get 6 entries...I wont budge this week

first prize if there is less than 6 entries is a Pellet Smoking.com T shirt

If there are 6 or more

First prize $25.00 dollar Big Poppa Smokers gift certificate
Second Prize Pelletsmoking.com Hoodie
Third prize Pelletsmoking.com tshirt

Ladies and Gents Start your Smokers!


Definitely looking forward to the hot seat this week!

As for entries- not looking for anything in particular, but creativity and a little out of the ordinary is always a plus.

Would love to see some of the lurkers and fence sitters pile on this one. It's the perfect contest, you get to play with your cooker, you get to eat what you cooked, and as a cherry on top you can win something!

Good luck to all and let's have fun!
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I am super busy this weekend with a lot of music stuff. But I have a couple ideas in mind for a cook on Sunday evening!


Out of the ordinary? I think I can accomodate that with my new NASA booster rocket searing toy and my MAK! :)


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My neighbor got a small 3 lb brisket flat yesterday. I have it in a SR wet marinade in my Tupperware marinade tubs. (i thought i lost em)
Going in my 6 rack with hickory pellets and saw dust in the amaze-n-smoker. Just to cold for my MAK to operate with frigid temps and -1 wind chill. (Not saying the MAK cant do it....its me i guess) BRRRRRRRRR

Tupperware marinator containers have bumps in them to allow the marinade to flow around the food.



Small flat


SR Marinade





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Ok, here goes, busy weekend so dinner was simple but was all about the bacon.....

Started out by smoking some bacon yesterday that had been curing throughout the week......


sliced it up this morning, this is the black pepper bacon which is what I used for dinner:


this afternoon I cooked some up on the Traeger:


Later cooked some chicken breast and a burger


pulled the chicken and topped with some bbq sauce, caramelized onion, bacon & cheese and then put back on the grill so that the cheese could melt.


also added bacon & cheese to the burger and threw the buns on


the chicken

the burger


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Well I'm busy getting ready for a trip to Tulsa for the Christmas holidays so don't have time for anything to rival Carter's winning creation from last week. But the in-laws love my brisket so that's what is going on the MP for an all nighter. Besides, after reading another thread about brisket problems I'm hoping this pictorial will help.

Started out with a Choice 15 pounder from Walmart. I took 2 cups of distilled water and added 1/4 cup of Butcher's phosphates and 1/2 cup of finely ground Texas BBQ Rub Wild. Stirring until all ingredients were dissolved and then injected throughout the brisket.


I then placed the brisker in a small cooler to chill for awhile and allow the injection to go to work.

After a few hours, I removed the brisket from the cooler, smothered it with Worchestershire sauce, and then rubbed liberally with more Texas BBQ Rub Wild.


Then on to the Memphis Pro for a long nap.


I'm using a blend of oak and hickory pellets at 215*. After 6-7 hours I'll double wrap the brisket in heavy foil while adding some Big Red soda prior to sealing up the foil. Then back on the smoker until done, or when the internal temp is about 210*. Then I'll wrap the foiled brisket in a towel and place in a small cooler to rest for several hours until I slice it up. Stay tuned for more pics and results.

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Fattie Dawgs & Onion Blooms

It was a very busy and cold weekend filled with lots of music (annual Christmas service & daughter's high school band concert). We decided to end the weekend with some great pellet smoked goodies on the Weber.

Italian Fattie Dawgs & Bacon-Cheddar Onion Blooms

The wife picked up some nice looking sweet onions from the supermarket. They were peeled, cut in half, scored & sprinkled with some rub. Then a half slice of thick Bacon was placed on top of each.

I mixed up a couple pounds of fresh homemade Italian Sausage to make the mini fatties. I Wrapped some sausage around some Mozzarella Cheese sticks.

Each mini fattie was wrapped with two strips of thick sliced bacon. I used Hickory Pellets in the foil pouch for smoke.

After around 35 minutes or so I topped the Onion Blooms with a little shredded Cheddar & let them smoke for another 5 - 10 minutes.

The Fatties Dawgs & Bacon-Cheddar Blooms ready to serve. Can you smell the Hickory smoked goodness?

The wife made some homemade Marinara sauce with roasted red peppers and a side of homemade Garlic Mashed potatoes.


A great ending to an already great weekend!

Thanks for looking!
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Tent, that's really awesome looking. Not only can I smell the hickory I can taste my little fatty oozing with cheese dipped in a cold marinara sauce. Oh yeow!

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Like Deb, my weekend was all about the bacon..

(flashback 7 days)






(flip-flop bags every night)

Cue the snowflakes - time to smoke.


4.5 hours later.






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Yeah they work pretty good. Dont know if Tupperware makes em anymore though.

Ready to hang.....HUH HANG.......Yeah :D

On the bacon/brisket hanger ;D

Hanging @225 with hickory smoke.

I got 40* before i pull it.
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Dolphins/bills brisket

The brisket turned out a lot better than the game did.

Salt lick clone rub - 3/3/1/1 salt/pepper/granulated garlic/cayenne pepper
4 hours on smoke, 9 hours @225F
CP Perfect mix


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Brisket done. Took to my neighbors for their dinner with veggies and smashed taters ;D They like their brisket different than i do.


Steam fogging the camera lens

Sorry no pics of the plated brisket :-\


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Well forgot to take pics of the finished brisket. I sliced it then everyone proceeded to chop it. I could only stand there laughing.

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Ok its 10:30 pm on the west coast, if it ain't in yet, then it probably ain't coming.

First off thanks for all the entries, another week of killer pellet smoked goodness! Looks like we got 6 entries so there will be win, place and show!

Do I sense a theme this week? Brisket and bacon seems to be it, not that there is anything wrong with that, you will have no complaints here!

So here we go (in no particular order):

txpgapro - Your brisket looked awesome, thanks for breaking it down as you went through the process. Really helps us back yard hacks and those trying to create their own techniques understand and visualize. Even without shots of the final product I'm sure it was killer.

NEPAS - Glad to see you take a break once in awhile and smoke things that aren't in sausage form ;) Your brisket looked great from the marinade to the final steaming money shot. You have some damn lucky neighbors!

Squirt - what can I say, that bacon looked beautiful! I can almost taste the smokey maple goodness through the screen. Thanks for sharing the steps and the wonderful finished product shots. Man I really need to try doing some homemade bacon, thanks for the inspiration!

FLBentRider - I'd become a Dolphin fan just to get a shot at that Brisket! Beautiful crust, nice smoke ring and you can see the meat is right on the edge of falling apart. Nice job, no losers at your table on game day when your serving up eats like that.

Deb - Taking the homemade bacon to the next level. That black pepper slab had me from the outside, then when sliced? Oh baby! And of course you couldn't leave it at that, you went and tossed it on a chicken sandwich AND a burger. Wow, I love your "simple" meal!

Tent- OK I asked for creativity and you delivered, I can't say I have heard of either the Italian Fattie Dog or the Bacon Cheddar Onion Bloom. But after seeing yours you definitely made my taste buds want to learn all about them. That italian fattie dog looked killer (and my doctor might agree :D ) Smoked cheese stuffed sausage wrapped in bacon and served on a bun with some Marinara? Yes Please. The onions looked money too, I can only imagine how all the flavors come together. Good job on that cook!

Drumroll please.......

3rd Place - Squirt
2nd Place - Deb
1st Place- Tent

Thanks guys, BP is right this is the hot seat! Much easier to cook than to judge, especially with the quality of entries! Can't wait for next week!

If your looking and thinking about it, go for it. Your gonna cook it anyway, might as well takes pics post it and see what happens!
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