WHOOP WHOOP! Carter Q is the Judgee for this weeks contest!


Thanks guys!

I noticed the brisket & bacon theme too, you gotta love that!

NePaS, Deb, Squirt, I have to tell ya, your bacon making skills have certainly caught my attention in a big way. I am going to be making some very soon. NePas, your neighbor might like his brisket cooked differently, but I found myself putting my hands up to the monitor so catch some of those flowing juices :)!

TxPGApro, I'll be looking for that Texas Wild rub.

BentRider, Wow, A couple weeks ago it was pork butts with an amazing bark; this week its a brisket - off the charts. You are the Florida Bark Master!

Every week I can't wait to see the contest entries. Let's set a new record next week with the most entries ever!

P.S. The prize $$ will be going into my BBQ Piggy Bank at www.BigPoppaSmokers.com to go towards a new Pellet grill!

P.S.S. Mmmm... Bacon!

Big Poppa

beautiful guys and gal...lets start pegging this thing...lurkers you never know what will win...its all about the smoke!
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