YS640 in Texas.


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Last football season I happened to eat a prime rib prepared on a pellet smoker by another guest at my friend's house. Amazing to say the least. After quizzing the cook all nite about the pellets, I was taken with the idea of precise temp control. Having just bought an XL big green egg at that point in time, I was a little gun shy about buying yet another grill. My fire going out during a long smoke on my BGE finally pushed me over the edge. Ordered Yoder today. Will keep the BGE for decoration.



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Congrats Danny! Wife and I have a YS640 and love it... but with that said we also have a large and extra large BGE's and are overly happy with them also!


Danny, Welcome to the forum from NE Ohio!

I suspect you're going to become addicted to Pellet smoking /grilling very quickly!


Welcome to PS.com Danny and to the world of cooking with pellets! There is a time and place for charcoal cooking so hopefully the BGE will have it's rightful place in your arsenal.
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