Contest! Been really strong lately Keep it going!


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Fish Tacos, yum yum!

Okay, so continuing on the diet theme, this week it is fish tacos. Here is the fish doctored up with some lemon pepper, garlic salt, and a little EVOO


Then on the Memphis at 275 for a little smoke


In the mean time.. mix up some pico de gallo


A quick splash in the very hot oil for the shells..


Now on to the dessert (what!? I said I was on a diet, not CRAZY!). We actually have 2 desserts going today (okay, maybe I'm cheating just a bit.. but they are low fat and low cal desserts.. really..) Anyway, we have an apple pie/gallet and some pear thing I dreamed up (pears and apples from the yard). For the apples we have apples (duh), brown sugar (go easy now), lemon juice, cinnamon, and a tad bit of starch


Mix the apples and other stuff in a bowl


Break out the phyllo and prep 6 sheets - mix honey with a little warm water and brush between each sheet. Spray a baking dish and lay the phyllo inside. Then fill with apple mixture


Next the pear thingy. Start with pears, brown sugar, gouda, lemon juice, and taragon. Mix in a bowl






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Then lay out on 6 sheets of prepared phyllo


Roll into a log and dust with cinnamon/sugar


Okay, the fish is looking ready to eat. Let's get to it!


Come on honey, your spoon is blocking my shot!


Oh yeah, these look good enough to eat!


Okay, Memphis up to 350 and let's get the dessert cooking


Holy cow, it is time for the good stuff!!!!


We had visitors in the back yard while we were cooking.. they look good enough to eat!!



Hope you all enjoyed.. thanks for looking!


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Dry Aged Ribeyes

Started with some dry aged Ribeyes that we had in the freezer. Coated with some roasted garlic olive oil and seasoned with Tatonka Dust and some Canadian Steak seasonings.

Off to the Yoder with only the magic of the Amazing Tube Smoker filled with Cherry. Also threw on the Twice Baked Potatoes. These were straight from the freezer to the grill.

In the meantime I was sauteing some onions in butter on the stove top. I let these smoke for an hour and then turned the Yoder to 180° and cooked for 30 mins. Removed the steaks and fired up our little camper grill with the grill grates to high.

Move the Yoder to 275° Added a frozen bag of brussel sprouts to a pan with some minced garlic and a couple shakes of BP Desert Gold. Potatoes still cruising along and added some garlic toast.

Tossed the steaks on the grill grates for a couple mins

then a FLIP

Plated up

oh... almost forgot one of the best parts.... the onions!

money shot

And finally desert - Apple Cheesecake Bars. These are amazing!! I think you may gain 2lbs just looking at the picture.

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Prime rib roast with Ox Tail Au JusGetting colder here and I wanted a nice Sunday dinner.. so here we go!
3 bone Prime rib roast.. rubbed with Money!

Next going to work on the Au Jus.. Ox tail with some tomato paste, onion, celery and carrots to catch the roast juice.

An hour in I added a cup of red wine and some fresh thyme.

3 hours later.. roast is ready to rest


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Plated.. And I must say really good.. The Ox Tail brought a really strong beef flavor to the plate.. a keeper for sure!

Thanks for looking!!


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i dont do this often because it is me and the wife but why not.
Rubbed and ready

On the smoker

After a couple of hours

And ready to wrap

Looken good


My Plate

It was very good, sandwich here we come


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Cold Smoked Beef Short Ribs - Braised with Rigatoni

Started with getting the tube smoker loaded with some Sugar Maple and Jack Daniels
View attachment 1673

Next I set the short ribs on the MAK with the tube going... Rigged them up with a cold "hat" of ice... Let these go for a few hours.
View attachment 1675

A little wine and veggies for the braise... I vac sealed the ribs and let them sit over night in the
View attachment 1672

Ahhhhh the hot tub is almost ready
View attachment 1676

ease on in boys...
View attachment 1674

More to come...


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On the plate...

No Pics for the next few steps... Went into the MAK @ 300 for 2.5 hrs. Pulled it, took the meet out and strained the bits from the juice. Reduced the stock down.... pulled the meat from the bone and mixed them together. Served it up with some Rigatoni with some butter/parm sauce...

View attachment 1677


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A 2 day adventure

I have been wanting pulled beef (since I never made it myself) and needed to prep for some lunches during the this is a two day adventure in comfort food!

Rubbed a roast down with spicy mustard and brisket seasoning. Onto the Drum using lump and cherry pellets mixed in (running about 225)

About an hour in:

Pulled it around 155 and made a foil pan with Guinness, onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and some more seasoning: (the parts in the strained went on top once the roast went into the pool

Looks comfy! Back into the drum for a few more hours.

Pulled it when it hit 202 and let it rest for 30mins.

Pulled apart perfectly!

Plated it with Jasmine rice and Shock Top

My 4yo boy loves to make cookies and bought some premade dough... So these he made for dessert.


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Day 2.

Using the pulled beef that is all mixed in the wonderful juice. I chopped it a little more and made the mushrooms smaller. Added some artichoke hearts (roasted and marinated from Costco)


Cooked some whole wheat rotini pasta al dente. and mixed in alfredo sauce with all the above items. Topped with gorgonzola, shredded mexican blend cheese and hot cherry peppers on smoke for an hour then bumped to 275.

Cooked some snack things for the kids (trying to clean out the freezer)

All done

Simple plating for a good stick to the ribs meal.

Wife and I sat at the table for a long time playing with our son so we kept snacking at the dish... I only have one lunch left from this.. hahaha... oh well

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!


Creamed Chicken & Biscuits - Part 1

Deb called for comfort food, and I've been wanting some kind of chicken pot pie, so here we go.

Spatchcock a chicken, season it up with some salt, pepper, rosemary & sage both under the skin and a little on top. Onto the MAK.

While the chicken is cooking, prep some veggies: Potatoes, Carrot, Celery, Onion & Peas. Par boil the potato, carrot & celery just a bit. Then after the chicken is done put the veggies on the MAK to roast until done.

While the veggies are roasting cut up the chicken...

Use the bones & giblets to make some stock, then creamy gravy with a big dollop of butter...

Make some homemade biscuits...

Assemble in a cast iron pan...

Then onto the MAK to bake for about 20 minutes. It's making me hungry!

While that bakes, for desert, let's whip up some Peach Melba Crisp (peach/raspberry).

The Chicken & Biscuits are done, so into the MAK to catch some smoky goodness.

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Creamed Chicken & Biscuits - Part 2

The Creamed Chicken & Biscuits are done. Time to eat!

I'm so glad Fall is here!

And for dessert. Peach Melba craving satisfied!



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wow, incredible cooks this week, this never gets any easier.... I don't think that there is a single entry that I wouldn't have enjoyed eating......

3rd place..... Sparky and his Ever Get the Munchies..... those wings did it, everything looked great but the wings, oh yeah......and If I ever get the munchies I know what backyard I want to be in. Spark - what's in the foil?

2nd place..... Muebe and his Meat Sushi, wow incredible planning and execution. It all looks great, I wouldn't know what to eat first but I'm sure I'd eat it all. I'm doing the brocolli and sprouts right after I find some of the soy vay sesame.

1st place
I'm so glad Fall is here!

And for dessert. Peach Melba craving satisfied!

I saw this and said oh,yeah that's what I want. Comfort food at it's best. An incredible looking chicken and biscuit finished off with peach melba crisp. So, Tenthunter gets first!!


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Congrats to the winners!

And nice job to all the entries. A lot of great cooks this week. Very tough contest!

Thanks for judging Deb!

And thanks for the playground BP ;)


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Thanks to everyone for playing!! Judging was tough, but Deb you hit it right on the money as far as I'm concerned..
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