December 9 Contest...Lets get some winter action!


All I've got to say is I'm glad I'm not judging this contest this week. There's a lot of seriously good look eats!


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Here goes....... it's great to see the number of cooks up :cool: ....... even if it does make my job harder ....... there isn't anything entered that I wouldn't love to eat .......

I'm going to get right to what you are waiting for ........

3rd - CarterQ with his Little Prime Rib... comfort food done right..... I would have loved to have had that plate of food in front of me this weekend. my husband looked at your plate and said, I might even eat that potato (he doesn't eat potatoes)

2nd - Rip with his Chili, Cornbread and little pies...... the chili and cornbread look awesome but the little pie won you 2nd.... what a great use of lindt balls. I really like the looks of what you do with that pie tin, I need to find one of those.

1st - Scallywag Roast pork with Porcini balsamic he says "gonna throw my hat in the ring" - you threw it in the right place ;) that is one killer meal, I love the look of the glaze on the pork... great job in your rookie contest post (just in case you don't know - winning comes with the added bonus of being the judge next week )

Again - all the entries were awesome, it was really tough to pick.... now I'm really hungry and need to figure out what we are having for dinner
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Congrats to Scallywag and Carter, great cooks! Thanks Deb, I have to admit I forgot you were the judge until after I submitted my shameless Deb's cornbread entry :) honest! Nevertheless, the family loved the cornbread. Using the cupcake size tin to make little desserts and experiments has worked out really well. Thanks BP!


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Congrats to the winners. This was really a great week and so nice to see so many entries. Thanks again BP!

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Whoo outstanding dishes this week!

Congrats to the winners!! Especially scallywag for winning on his first time out!
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