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Easter Feasting
well, my kids and their boyfriends and girlfriends were coming over at all times during the day. dinner was from 5 to 7 pm. they came whenever. so we cooked alot. easter feasting.


3eyz and a light dusty of little louie's on top


ohhhhh, more pork.

can you every have to much pork on the MAK. no..... (sorry for the condition of #336, she worked hard this weekend)

looking good cisco. :cool:

took off at 140º and cut up for sandwiches.

decided to give #336 a break and turn her off. daughter is making angel food cake for strawberries and shortcake. ya'll have a good evening. old spark signing off.
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Steak and Chicken kabobs with Shrimp.

Normally we go to my In-laws for Easter...this year's event got cancelled and we really hadn't planned much...so, with warm spring like weather continuing to elude us, we decided to pretend it was nicer weather and make a summer classic.

Chicken breasts were cubed and bagged with Garlic/Cayenne EVOO and BPS Desert Gold. Peppers and Onions (not pictured) were chopped and bagged with GC/EVOO and Desert Gold. Top sirloin then was cubed and bagged with GC/EVOO and BPS Double Secret.

After a couple of hours, they were all threaded onto skewers and placed on the grill at 350. They ones over the searing grate were 10 minutes a side and then were rotated to the other side of the grill so all skewers got seared.

Hot off the grill:

Meanwhile the shrimp had been peeled and marinaded in GC/EVOO and fresh chopped garlic. The searing grate was covered and the shrimp was cooked, also at 350, ~15 minutes. I do love roasted garlic!


While this was going on, the bread machine was faithfully baking made from scratch Hawiian Sweet bread. It got done about the time the shrimp was cooking, so we were (after pics of course) ready to eat!

Meanwhile, pineapple upsidedown cake was cooking on the smoker...also at 350.
As I recall, about 45 - 50 minutes.

This turned out great! (Had two peices and I'm on the edge of a food induced coma right now...)


Prime Brisket

With everyone getting a go or go home bonus..Here ya go!
Cooked overnight on 100% cherry pellets. Wrapped in the morning and put in the oven until 203 temp. Needed the MAK for ribs. Brisket was good. Used a lot of the Johnny Trigg technique. Need to try a Strube soon!





Rack o Lamb

Spent most of the weekend cooking for family, did Easter with the in laws on Sat., more family at brunch on Sunday morning and then we had some friends over last night. I wanted to cook something nice to finish the weekend so we went with lamb. Also the UPS guy delivered a new toy last week so I have been cooking with it and learning.

Got a nice little rack


Hit it with Desert Gold and Rosemary and let it warm up a little


Wanted some red potatoes for a side, Melted butter on the MAK running @400 and then added in diced red potatoes, onion, garlic, italian seasoning and Little Louies with pepper.



Back on the MAK


The new guy was a fired up and ready to rock


Put the rack over hot coals to sear on both sides


All seared up move it over the inderect side and toss in a foil pack of BBQers delight Oak


The team



Rack o Lamb cont

Taters are done


Pull the lamb off at 135 (over shot it a little bit) and let it rest


While the meat is resting, grill up some steamed Chokes that were seasoned with garlic olive oil and Desert gold on the HB



Meat looks ready


Dinner is served


Big Poppa

How cool is the hasty Bake? Try the very top shelf on the opposite side on your indirect for some great results!


How cool is the hasty Bake? Try the very top shelf on the opposite side on your indirect for some great results!

Loving it, just need to learn the quirks. I will definitely be playing with that top shelf and am looking forward to using it in combo with the MAK.

smoker pete

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Easter Boneless Shoulder Butts for 15

I was asked to provide the Pulled Pork for our Family Easter Meal being hosted at our Son's house for 15 people. A request I was honored to accept. Bought four 10-lb Boneless Shoulder Butts at a nice price of $1.56-lb.


Cut them into eight 5-lb Butts for easier cooking/handling. Rubbed 5 of them with Carolina Treet and Jan's Dry Rub, vacuum packed them, and refrigerated for 2 days. The other 3 Butts were vacuum packed and are in the freezer for future use. 25-lbs is an over kill but wanted to make sure everyone got their fill and then some.


Preheated to 225º using Hickory pellets. Took the Butts out an hour before start of cook. Started at 3 PM on Saturday for an overnight cook and hoping to have them ready by 9 AM on Sunday so I can FTC them for 4 hours and eat at 1:30 PM. Ran 4 probes (3 on the MAK and an ET-732) Internal Temperature on the Butts were 42º and 43º on the bottom and 42º and 42º on the top rack.


The Internal Temperatures at Midnight were 156º and 160º on the bottom and 159º and 156º on the top racks. Everything was proceeding nicely and turned in for a little snooze. Here is what they looked like at 12 AM.


At 9:45 AM the IT of all all Butts were 195º, 194º, 194º, and 196º so I chose to pull them. Here they are ready for a 3½ FTC.


The money $shot ... 2 Pulled Pork Butts. One pulled and mixed with bark and the other to show the nice bark and smoke ring. The Butts turned out great and there was more than enough for everyone. Nothing like leftover Pulled Pork!!



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Short Rib Smash Burgers

Been away in Palm Springs all weekend and was missing my MAK.. Havent had a chance to hit the butcher, I had some boneless short ribs in the fridge and some turkey for the wife, so I thought id make some burgers..

I ground the Short Ribs myself and added some Little Louies and some fresh ground Salt and Pepper..


Sliced a piece of Onion nice and thick and got my MAK Griddle nice and hot and threw some bacon on the grates.. Sauteed the onion for a couple of minutes in some EVOO


Had a little over 1/2lb of the ground Short Rib in a ball.. Dropped it on the Onion and Smashed it down with a Spatula... Did the same with turkey, minus the onions.. Seasond with some more Little Louies! Flipped maybe after about 4min or so..


Cooked about another 4 min on the other sided then topped with some Jack Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce and gotta have Avacodo!!


For as quick and easy as that was it was one of the best Burgers Ive had in awhile!!


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hey I may be out.. all cooked and some great pics, but on a long duration fire call and just got back and would much rather sit and eat my nice brisket.
Good luck everyone.
I will post tomorrow.


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Camping&Hiking in the woods 4 days

Well here is 2 cooks with Hickory pellets on my smith and wesson 22 Mag. First was 2 boneless rib eyes and then sausage and cheese bread. Alittle rainy out half of the 4 days
but real nice and peaceful with the wife and 2 malamutes.



My wife Carla's plate

My Plate.

A couple of pictures of where we were and the river right behind the RV
which is the South santiam River in Oregon




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Great cooks everyone and Hey Rip you have some compitition on your old Traeger you must of taught them well.


Easter Appetizer

I had it easy this year. My sister was doing the dinner so I got assigned just an appetizer. So I remembered I had some King Mackerel in the freezer from that last fishing charter in Florida. Hmmm, time for some smoked fish spread!

I dusted the flesh with garlic powder and paprika. Set the MAK on smoke, placed on frogmats for 4 hours until the IT hit 140.

View attachment 464

The fish really turned out nice. Those who have had King before know it is a bit strong in taste usually but this turned our very mellow and not too much smoke. I'll do this again with some more of the fillets in the freezer.

While all that love was oozing out from the hood of the MAK I took advantage of the warmer box and put 3 cheese blocks in place. St. Germain cheddar, Monterey Jack, and mozzarela.

View attachment 465

The cheese didn't make it to sis's house (shhhh, don't tell her) as this is currently chilling out in shrink wrap in the fridge. The boys are going to enjoy this for the trout opener this weekend (here in Michigan).


Beautiful pics Malawoo! Thanks for posting them.

I almost bought one of those Traeger S & W 22 mag smokers for camping; makes me wish I had.


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Its nice for camping Tent and makes a nice fire outside to warm up by kind of like a campfire when its dry and can't build a campfire.
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