Easter Contest! Everyone that enters wins Five Bucks!


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Lets go for the golden egg this week....lets knock it out of the park....How about if we set the standard for the best cooks on the planet? HOw about global warming and world peace....ok Im getting carried away but hows this for an idea?
BP wanted it and WOW – I think you guys achieved it -- definitely golden egg, knock it out of the park kind of week. If I counted correctly we have 20 entries with 17 cooks entering. I think , BP can chime in to verify , that this was the largest number of cooks entering, maybe even entry count?

I know that the tradition has been a rundown of the entries but sorry, I just don’t have the time tonight , it’s gotten so huge.

So, the winners are :

3rd place -- - Sparky – Easter Ribs -- beautiful Sparky – doing something nice for the people that touch your life (very smart to include your wife in that mix). Nothing more fulfilling than feeding the people around you.

2nd place --- Sirius76 - Very first contest entry, Good Friday Pork Extravaganza. Wow, beautiful entry right out of the box. . Pork butt, Nepas bacon beans, corn - what a meal. It doesn’t even look like you were able to get your guests to look up from their plates for the picture. I can see you will be a rookie about as long as your buddy Rip was

1st place --- Tenthunter – Apple-Smoked Crown Rack of Pork with Braised Apples & Cornbread Stuffing. Impressive ! All I can say is that I hope that someday my son cooks me an Birthday/Easter dinner that looks like that. Nothing goes better together than pork, apples & cornbread stuffing. Beautiful Cliff!

Congrats to everyone, it was really tough judging , all the entries were great:).


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Congrats to all the winners. Thanks Deb wasn't a easy to Judge all the great cooks.to BP and all the cooks for wonderful cooks.


Congrats to all the winners (technically everyone, we all win 5 bucks!) and a big thanks to Deb for judging an epic contest. Nice to see the new folks jumping in and cooking some great food. Thanks to BP too for payin to keep the lights on at the playground. Now what to cook next weekend......


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Congrats Cliff, Dragan, and Sparky! Thanks Deb, that couldn't have been easy. Thanks BP!
Btw, definitely the most entrants, we had 15 two weeks ago. The 4/1 contest set the bar with 22 entries...(by my unofficial count)
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Wow, this week was sure exciting. So many good entries and new entrants. Dragan hit the ground running and how about that trifecta of meat going on in Scott's pan: Brisket, Hot-smoked Sausage AND pulled pork... Beautiful!

Hats off to ITFD for giving up his time to serve the folks in his local community.

Thanks to Deb for judging what had to be the toughest one yet, and to BP!
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Big Poppa

I love this.....What do you think about the 5 bucks? Im not trying to rope you guys you can save them up and get free stuff or just a discount....


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I love this.....What do you think about the 5 bucks? Im not trying to rope you guys you can save them up and get free stuff or just a discount....

As stated earlier, I think it's very generous (especially considering you're already sponsoring the forum). From a sharing perspective, I think it was a home run. From a judges perspective, the tradition of judges comments (which is time consuming to prepare) may end up abbreviated, or like this week skipped. (not a complaint Deb, I understand completely!)

And, thanks BP!
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Double ditto what Rip said; it was definitely a home run!

...you can save them up and get free stuff or just a discount....

Saving them up is great. I'm saving my Big Poppa bucks to go towards upgrades for when we order a new grill. How sweet is that?


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Wow! 2nd Place!! I'm so excited! I'm truly honored AND humbled!

Thank you to everyone (especially Deb ;-) for their compliments. We had such a great time cooking and sharing this great technique to friends.

It goes with out saying, Congrats to all the other winners. You've definitely given us new ideas!

Finally. Thank you to BP for his generosity!!

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Congrats to the winners!
You guys inspire me to be better at this hobby! You guys rock!

Thanks BP for keeping the lights on for us and the $5! It will come in handy!

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1st off, thanks BP for being so generous to everyone on easter. very nice thing to do. and thanks deb. alot to look at. glad it was you and not me doing it. congrats TH for the win. nicely done partner. :cool:


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I echo the congrats to the winners and too BP this was really fun. Gosh some first class looking Q-en going on in here I didn't see anything that didn't look tasty. I really enjoy PelletSmoking.com!


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Thanks BP!!!

Order placed!

Products Base Final
1 x MAK 1 Star Upper Rack
1 x Shamrock Food Gloves --- 3000 Series
1 x Plowboys Bovine Bold Rub
1 x Plowboys Yardbird Rub
1 x 3 Eyz Rub
1 x Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt w/Pepper 14.5oz.
1 x Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub 14oz.

If you had some aluminum foil I would have probably bought it to... :)


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The $5 gifts are a great idea. If I were ever to win one, I'd save it up till I got like $25 or so (five wins, YEAH!) and then buy some cool stuff from the website.
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