New Years Contest Free BBQ Stuff!

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OK lets bring in the New years right! I think that some of you are a little intimidated and not entering. Please dont be.....Lets give the same 4 or 5 a run for their money to bring in the New Years!

Deb is the judge so we have her out of the way! HAHAHAHA

10 bucks gift cert to Big Poppa Smokers for first if there are less that 6 entries

if there are morethan 6

$25.00 first
Pellet smoking Hoodie or Big Poppa Hoodie your choice
6 coozies

If it s a newbie Ill throw in 6 more coozies


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make it hard for me this week, make me pick three entries!!!!! and we need some new people, let's make BP give away those extra coozies! if you are cooking this weekend (and if you are hanging here you probably are) take a couple pictures and post them, you have nothing to lose!

Big Poppa

I expect to see a lot of cooks...remember you can post more than one cook in these contest...I count the cooks not the dishes for the prize threshholds...Deb post those banana brownies...Jrip get those appys here....


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Ribs and "Apple Pie"

We did six racks of baby backs, three on the MAK.

I found this "Apple pie ala mode" concoction on another forum, wow.

1 Gallon Apple juice
1/2 Gallon Apple cider
3 cups sugar
8 cinnamon sticks.
16oz everclear pure grain alcohol

combine first three ingredients, boil uncovered 30 minutes. Cool completely (I did overnight)

add cinnamon sticks and alcohol, chill and serve.

I added one of the cinnamon sticks to the mix when boiling.

That sort of explains the lack of pics... here are the ribs:
I did them with the "salt lick" rub
Salt : pepper:granulated garlic:cayenne pepper

on the MAK for ~5 hours @225F with CP Perfect mix.
Served with Starnes sauce on the side - ZING
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End the year right....with a porterhouse!

This is my first contest post, glad I could help increase the count!

Fiance and I wanted to end the year on a good note so we grabbed a couple porter house steaks. They were a little on the thin side, but very tasty.

A little bath of olive oil then rubbed one with Wee Willy's Whiskey Pepper and the other with Santa Maria, Pepper and some seasoning salt.

I don't have a pellet smoker yet, but I just got my order of pellets to use for flavor on the drum smoker. I chose Hickory pellets and wrapped them in some foil and poked a small hole to let the smoker out....this works pretty well.

Low and slow until 120 then a little rest and reverse sear. They came out very good, very tender.

Add some rosemary red potatoes and some smoked asparagus and we've got a pretty good meal.



Searing with the charcoal nest raised up




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New Year's Cooking - Part 1

Heart Healthy Pizza

Making this type of pizza was something I was really looking forward to trying in my new pellet smoker.

Last week while making my first spatchcocked turkey I added minced garlic to olive oil and saved the leftovers (in the fridge). I went to use this on the veggies for my pizza and found out olive oil turns to sludge at fridge temps (I'm sure you all know this, my wife said "duh".
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So, step one, set bottle in warm water, then apply to chopped peppers, onions, and sliced mushrooms. Added seasoning and then onto the Lil Tex at 225 for about ~60 minutes. This was to impart smoke flavor and soften them some. Frogmats are on order so had to rummage around, this mesh worked pretty well.
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Then I used a pre-made pizza crust, Boboli I think, pizza sauce, added the smoked veggies and mozzarella cheese. Smoked at 450 until approaching desired browness, then slipped off the pizza stone and onto the grate for a crisper crust. (yeah yeah, grill grates on order too :) ) Slid back onto the pizza stone for removal and slicing. The shaker is my homegrown "magic dust", 2/3 assorted hot chilis and 1/3 habaneros. Next season I'll have to try some smoked versions of this too. (yeah I like stuff hot!) This pizza tasted awesome (toughest family critic approved) and fairly healthy too.
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Armadillo Eggs and Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's)

Picked up some Jalapenos yesterday and expiremented with appetizers.
For filling I used Allouette Savory Vegetable soft cheese, Lil Smokies, Italian sausage from the deli, and center cut maple bacon.

I had three extra pieces of bacon, so I wrapped some of the Armadillo eggs with bacon too. Threw on the Lil Tex at 250 for ~1:45....very tasty!
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Here is my attempt.....14 degrees in Iowa and very windy. My first shot at prime rib......



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Dave, try post preview, if they don't show up there, they won't show up when you post.

Big Poppa

on photobucket which I find to be the best download and save to your account. then when they are saves there are four or five ways of transferring use the one for forums that starts with IMG code click one and it is copied then go to the browser sthat you have pelletsmoking on and click paste. A greaqt browser for this is FLock which is based on firefox.


First Q of the new year in my backyard!

Curried mango glazed tenderloin pork chops with yellow rice and grilled zucchini.

Thick cut pork tenderloin chops 1lb each

Rubbed with peanut oil, mango marsala seasoned salt and Blue Star Seasoning

Rocket seared about 2 mins per side

Then on to the MAK to slow cook at 250 until 147IT

Then glazed with curried mango sauce/glaze and back onto the grill to carmelize the sauce/glaze and add a little more smoke with some apple pellets!

Ready to go at 155IT

Plated with yellow rice and grilled zucchini
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