New Years Contest Free BBQ Stuff!


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Rip, nice job on the rib roast man! First try I think?

Thanks Scooter, yep first one...all the info on this group, and the encouragement, made it possible. I don't envy Deb this week, lots of great entries. BP has teased me about my notebook of "must try's", but I add to it every day, and this contest has provided several additional items.


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Big Poppa - i have a deal for you - I'll pay for the prizes and you pick the winner --- this is gonna be hard


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Wow, the entry count is kind of exciting.... I think it blows away any of the previous contests (Big Poppa can confirm that )....... If I counted correctly there are 13 entries and 9 cooks....... my job hasn't been easy because they are ALL great.

So the winners this week are:

3rd place: JRip for his New Years Cooking Part 2 - Prime rib and Potatoes The prime rib is beautiful, just the way I like it. There is no way anyone would know it was your first one unless you told them.

2nd place: Scooter for his Curried mango glazed tenderloin pork chops with yellow rice and grilled zucchini . The rocket searing marks are incredible looking. The flavors - mango marsala seasoning salt and the mango sauce along with the glazed chop on the plate are what won you 2nd place.

1st place: CarterQ's Rolled Flank Steak - filled with a few of my favorite things! As always your cook was amazing and creative. I will be picking up some flank steak this weekend to try this entry.


Thanks Rip and thanks Deb! Congrats Carter! I gotta try that rolled flank.

We had 9 cooks in this week! Looks like BP's gotta break out the big prize box! :)
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Thanks to everyone your kind words make me blush. Double thanks to Deb, you had to sort through and pick winners out of winners not an easy task, and much love to BP for giving us a wonderful forum! One of the great things about this site (and there are many) is the focus on the cooking, it is definitely something that can get lost in other places. Just look at Tent and Jrip this week, both using things they learned here and turning out amazing results, that's what its all about. Looking forward to this week, remember don't be shy, it's pretty hard to mess up with these great cookers we play with!

As for flank steak I definitely need to learn more about how to make it more tender, this weeks entry tasted great but was tougher than I like for something that required a little more work to make. I will post the recipe though so anyone who wants to try it can give it a shot.


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WOW, awesome cooks... I've been watching them all weekend from Brooklyn, O'Hare Airport and back in the safe confines of my office.

Can't wait to get back in the saddle and join in the fun next weekend!


Hey BP, need a clarification

Big Poppa said:
$25.00 first
Pellet smoking Hoodie or Big Poppa Hoodie your choice
6 coozies

did you mean

$25.00 - first
Pellet smoking Hoodie or Big Poppa Hoodie your choice - first
6 coozies - first


$25.00 - first
Pellet smoking Hoodie or Big Poppa Hoodie your choice - second
6 coozies - third

Big Poppa

The newbie gets a bonus of 6 coozies

first place is $25 dollar gift certificate
second place is a hoodie a
third place is 6 coozies


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Thanks BP. I really appreciate you sponsoring this contest. I never even thought about how food looked on a plate until I started entering!
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