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New Year's Cooking - Part 2

Prime Rib Roast and Browned Potatoes

Picked up a 6lb Rib Roast earlier this week, rubbed with garlic olive oil and a liberal coating of seasonings, wrapped and refridgerated for two days. Set out to warm up for an hour at room temp and then onto Lil Tex at 250. Pulled at IT 130, FT for a little over an hour (about a 6 degree rise). This was just over 3 hours on the smoker.

Cubed the potatoes, added a chopped onion, olive oil, and a little seasoning.

Cranked the smoker to high (~425-450, was 15 and windy Saturday) and placed the potatoes in for about 1:30, the last 10 minutes I put the roast back in for a reverse sear.

I was very happy with the results (ok, next time: less potatoes or bigger pan, I would prefer them crunchier...but prime rib was waiting and toes were tapping)
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Here's something you SoCal folks probably don't was about three inches high before I put on the potatoes and the grease started coming out hotter...
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Big Poppa

Yeah with oven browned taters you need to give them a little room also put a few slabs of butter in there too! The prime rib looks absolutely killer!


Ribs two ways

Made 4 racks of ribs . Two had a sweet rub I make basted with agave nectar when foiled and sauced with Blues hog BBQ Sauce. The other two had Smokin guns Sweet heat. Basted with Texas rib candy and pepper plant bbq sauce with gunpowder sprinkled on top.
My idea was one would have a little more kick. What happened it had better flavor and were the preferred rib. Yet all where eaten.In the second photo you will see the modified tongs and spatula .The third shows the spatula in use. Next is making a spatula that the blade would be 16 inches wide instead of long like the one in the photo, which would make it better for pellet grills.
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Been in bed with an infected tooth since Thursday afternoon and will have surgery in the morning but had to do something for the wife and brother that stopped in from Atlanta.

He brought me a jar of pickled watermelon rinds. Wrapped them in bacon and sprayed with EVOO. Them sprinkled them with Texas BBQ Rub Grillin' Seasoning. Wow! One of the best appetizers I've ever done.

Then I took some chicken thighs and deboned them. Put a butterfly cut to them. Put them in a bowl of Italian dressing and Texas BBQ Rub for a couple of hours. Stuffed them with pepperjack cheese and rolled them in bacon. Sprinkled them with more rub.

Then threw some 18oz tenderloins on.

Nice meal. I can't wait to get to doctor so u can eat again.

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Rolled Flank Steak

Been wanting to try a rolled flank steak so I took the plunge tonight.

Here we go:

Started out with a 2lb. flank and trimmed up excess fat:


Prepped the stuffing, Bread crumbs, olive oil, fresh parsley, fresh thyme, grated parmesan cheese, shredded Fontina cheese, and chopped green olives.



Put a layer of prosciutto on the steak.


Next a layer of fresh basil leaves.


Finally the bread crumb and cheese mix.


Tightly roll it and tie with butcher twine


Rub the outside with olive oil, fresh thyme, salt and pepper


Onto the MAK on high over the flame zone for about 10 minutes


Turn the MAK down to 300 and cook until done (about 35 minutes)



Rolled Flank Steak Cont

Pulled steak, while steak's resting grill some asparagus





Ready to go, served up with asparagus and wifes roasted balsamic potatoes


This came out good, wish the steak was a little more tender but the butcher warned me this wasn't the best meat he had seen all week. Pictures make it look more rare than it was. I will definitely give this a whirl again.


Pineapple Dump Cake

Did dessert as well, tried the dump cake recipe that was posted earlier in the gallery with grilled pineapple and spice cake.

Here we go:

Soaked fresh pineapple in spiced rum for about a 30 minutes and on the MAK flame zone.


Got em nice and carmelized


Into the dutch oven with a little OJ and Brown Sugar


Duncan Hines Spice Cake batter over the top and onto the MAK @375



All done after about 40 minutes


Served up (would have been better with ice cream but SOMEBODY forgot to pick some up when he was shopping :p )


This came out good, not sure if I would use OJ for liquid again but overall it was very tasty and it would be better with a nice scoop of vanilla...........


Tritip from the heartland of California!

Rubbed with peanut oil, Spade L Ranch Beef seasoning and The Rub Co Santa Maria rub

First thing is to rocket sear the exterior for about 2 mins per side to seal in those juices!! (just kidding Greg Rempe, I know it doesn't seal in the juices) :)

Next it goes into the MAK for low and slow up to IT 150.

Rest it for 20 mins under a foil tent

Done medium. Finished IT during rest was 152 ending with a nice uniform pink edge to edge.

Plate it with a green salad, red sauce pasta, crusty sourdough bread and a nice Cabernet.


Rookie Rib Roast & Smoky Pineapple Up-Side-Down Cake

Well, this whole cook was very much inspired by posts. Big Poppa & MakDaddy posted rib roasts and inspired me to do my very first rib roast. And I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

The dessert was inspired by the thread TTNuge started about Dutch Ovens where I posted a basic Dump Cake recipe. Then CaterQ did a Peach Pioneer Cobbler, Big Poppa mentioned smoked and carmelized pineapple upside down dump, Sparky mentioned smoked Cherries and that all made me think of this Pineapple Up-Side-Down Cake that I love to make. What makes this one a little different is 1) it uses beaten egg whites in the batter so its very fluffy almost like a sponge cake, and 2) it actually calls for a cast iron skillet as the baking pan.

Here's the Rib Roast:
I started with a 7 1/2 lb. Rib Roast slathered it with a thick coating of spicy brown mustard and applied a rub I made with some Coarse Sea Salt, a lot of fresh cracked Black Pepper, a lot of fresh cracked black pepper, and a little each of red pepper flakes, onion & garlic powders, paprika & crushed rosemary.

I made up my foil pouches with Jack Daniels Oak Pellets...

Put it on the at a pit temp of 225°-250° until it reached an I.T. of 128° (thanks FLBentrider for the great temp chart - it worked perfectly!). While resting it spiked to an I.T of 139° This may be a little more done than some like but it was perfect for my family's taste.

To be continued...


Rookie Rib Roast & Smoky Pineapple Up-Side-Down Cake - Part 2

While the roast rested that cake was prepped starting with the Pineapple topping: Melted Butter, Brown Sugar, Pineapple Rings, Cherries and some Pecans. I also made the cake batter and whipped the egg whites and set them aside.

What could go better with the pecans on the topping than a light Pecan smoke? The roast went back in (450°) to finish for 10 minutes along with the cake topping to smoke and caramelize a bit. The roast was removed, the cake batter added and pit temp adjusted to around 315° for the cake to bake while we ate.

This roast had a very large circumference so one slice very nearly covered a plate. Now this may be a little too done for some, but it was cooked just our liking. The wife likes hers medium rare, I like mine more medium, so my cut was more from the outer part while hers was more from the pink part.

Not only was this the first prime rib I'd ever cooked but also the first time I'd eaten smoked prime rib. It was moist & flavorful with a salty, peppery, crusty, seer on the outside. No need for Au Jus at all! It was served with some skin-on mashed potatoes & steamed broccoli topped with a sharp cheese sauce.

The Cake turned out fluffy & moist. The pineapple topping was caramelized & gooey with a slight smokiness that was out of this world.

What a great way to start the new year.

Thanks for looking!


Yeah your pineapple dump cake is looking pretty tasty there too my friend!

Big Poppa's pineapple suggestion sure hit a spot with us... and it'll hit a spot with us again this evening as we're eating the rest of our cakes ;)!


Carter, the rolled flank and cake looks great!!

Tent, same to you with your rib roast and cake!!

Rip, nice job on the rib roast man! First try I think?
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Thanks scooter, everything looks amazing, definitely some cooking talent around here. Both of yours look awesome and that is one of the most perfect tri tips I've ever seen cooked. Sure glad I'm not the judge this week!


Scooter, thanks! I want to get me one of them cast iron grates for my new Weber 22" Performer Kettle the wife got me for Christmas. Its worth the investment considering my last kettle has lasted me over 10 years.

Sure glad I'm not the judge this week!

Same here! Not only are all the entries high quality, but I believe we've got a record number of entries this week. Boo-yah!

Deb's got her hands full for sure!
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