Sis in Law is the Judge Im doubling the money this weekend! Enter!


Surf and Turf

Time for a little experiment on the MAK. Decided to have a nice balance of surf and turf, one course at a time. I started out by smoking a salmon fillet, bacon wrapped scallops, and bacon wrapped dates. The salmon was dusted with dill, garlic powder and fresh ground black pepper. The scallops and dates went to the party naked.

The scallops and dates were set for an appetizer. A very nice smokiness from apple and walnut pellet were found on the apps. Definitely doing this one again!

The salmon was used for a starter with a nice spinach based salad. I love salmon with this mix. The MAK does an awesome job with this and I am very pleased with the results.

For the main course, I took a 2 1/4 pound venison roast (a nice rear hind quarter muscle) and injected it with teriyaki & honey marinade. Treated the outer surface with brown sugar, garlic powder and black pepper before wrapping it in a bacon blanket.

I decided to foil at at 125 and here's a pic before the wrap. Pulled at IT of 145. I would pull sooner next time.

I served this with fresh fruit and a green bean & potatoe salad (bathed in a rosemary emulsification). My 8 year old said "awesome" and the 11 year old "8 out of 10".


Hope you had a great holiday!


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New Glue

I am trying out a new glue for me, I am usually a worchester glue person but thought I would change things up a little

I am trying Hot Squeeze

rub is

17th street magic dust on 1
plowboys on 1
Texas BBQ rub x2

Stay tuned




They went into the "PRO" sauna at 275 for a long soak



More to come

Almost done

Lookin Delish



I am getting hungry


Had just the correct amount of sweet in the front with just a little burn in the back of the throat



any longer and it would of been ALL bones



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Field Trip/Freezer Bound Boulders..

Fired up the MAK today - seemed appropriate.


Soaked a couple turkey boulders (one Perdue, one Jennie O) in the sinks earlier to thaw a bit. Just long enough to get the foil off.


The JO boulder (on the right) is quite a bit larger, and isn't pumped with as much 'solution' as the Perdue one.


Caroline Treet and Jan's Rub. Of course.


One boulder will be sliced and packaged for MrsSTC to take on a field trip next Wednesday. Her class (4th graders) and the Kindergarten munchkins are hopping a city bus downtown to the Farmers Market. They'll 'shop' for breads, cheeses, greens/veggies, nuts and so to have a 'luncheon' back in the school cafeteria. (the adults will do the washing/cutting/assembling of course)

I'll send some plain mustard/mayo/pickles and probably a loaf of plain old Bunny Bread for the pickier eaters. ;)

The remaining will be bagged up to replenish our freezer stock.

Now, back to the rose bush/tree limb trimming... :(


Ran to the store while the boulders were at 135°. Came home to one at 171°. Crap! Yanked it off and foiled with a 1/2" of cold water in the bottom of the pan to shut it down. Just shoved it in the microwave for now.

The other one (the bigger Jennie O) is 145°-155° - depending on which Maverick probe is telling the truth.


And, we're done... Pulled the JO at 160°. Resting in the cooler now.


That sucker was huge... I'll have to get back to Restaurant Depot soon to get another one.

I'll slice up the slightly overdone boulder for the little kids. I'll set aside the ends (chewier) for some Smoked Buffalo/Starnes Turkey Dip. :cool:

Both will spend the night in the fridge before I do anything to them. Gives the smoke flavor some time to mingle.


~10 pounds each to begin with. Huh..


I know which brand I'm buying next time! ;)

Tomorrow night, I'll whack them in half, and run through the slicer. (and vacpack until the cows come one)


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And I'm supposed to be the judge around here? *wails* Well, my computer absolutely crashed today. Blue screen of death, the whole works. I really thought I was gonna get out of this. Early in the day I gave Big Poppa the heads up. PHEW!

Then my parents offered me use of their Mac and here I am. I'm in awe of everything and everyone. Deb, your son is awesome. That smoking apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?


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You said it Big Poppa!
If there aren't pictures, it didn't happen! :)

Okay...I was gonna do it up next W/E but momma will be down south to photograph nieces graduation..So the week after that EXPECT TO BE WOWWED...Gonna bring 2 talents to the table!


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There is some awesome looking food this week.. I should have picked another week as my first attempt! Deb is I think that your son is more than ready to get his own user name.. he made me hungry for breakfast.


Shortbread Biscuits with Smoky Fruit & Bourbon Compote.

I was given some freshly cut rhubarb (I love rhubarb :)) and wanted to use it for some desert. I cut it up with some Strawberries & California Peaches from the market and put it into two baking pans.

The first Pan had Peaches & Strawberries, the second had Rhubarb, Strawberries & some Pineapple chunks. Both were coated well with sugar and a little Kentucky Bourbon. The Mrs. mixed up some dough for Shortbread Drop Biscuits. Both fruit compotes & biscuits went onto the pellet grill for about 35 minutes at 325° (cherrywood pellets).

35 minutes later the fruit is soft, hot & lightly smoked. Here's the Peaches & Strawberries:

The Rhubarb, Strawberries & Pineapple:

A layer of biscuits, peaches & strawberries, topped with a layer of biscuits & the Rhubarb medley. NO whipped cream, NO ice cream, just the biscuits with the warm fruit & some of the bourbon sauce spooned overtop.

It was sweet-tart, slightly smoky and good!

P.S. When I bought the California peaches I couldn't help but think of CarterQ and if his comapny packed them!
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Smoked Buffalo/Bacon/Starnes Chicken Dip

Why not another side dish/appetizer..


16 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 cup of Ranch w/ Bacon salad dressing
3/4 cup Buffalo Wing sauce
1/4 cup STARNES :cool:
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (shredded smoked cheese would be killer here)
2 cups smoked shredded chicken breasts



Overnight in the fridge to get happy.


350° for 25-30 minutes until it gets sort of brown and bubbly.


At this point, it could be scraped into a crock pot to keep warm.

Mighty good, with a heat that sneaks up on you, but not crazy hot. We took this to our friend's house, and came back with maybe 1/4 cup.


P.S. When I bought the California peaches I couldn't help but think of CarterQ and if his comapny packed them!

If they were delicious then yes we probably packed them, if they were not then they came from a competitor ;) Where did you pick them up?


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Apple Butter Ribs

WOW Sis you have you work cut out for you.....

Well my long weekend was last and I did it up so its not surprising this week,all great cooks WOW.....

So for me it was ribs, beans and bannock.
Ribs prepped with PM and rubbed with Sweat and Heat and let warm to room temp.
Placed on Traeger @ 180 and left for 4.5hrs
Pulled and foiled with 50/50 my Stinger honey and my home made apple butter. As well as some butter.
Back on grill for 2hrs, pulled and finished with the juice from the ribs and Rib Candy.
They turned out great, have to work on times but very good ribs
Seen the beans done this way on this site and had to try, 2 cans beans, 1 can spicy tomato's, some pulled pork and lined the dish with bacon.. I call it the double pork and beans.
And last bannock, it is a nice side


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Aaaannnddd here we go!

1st place Tenthunter. From his masterful sausage making to his shortbread fruit compote I'm blown away. Mad skills there, bro.

2nd place Rip. Beautiful anniversary dinner presentation of surf and turf complete with a nice rose and champagne. His dinner is a winner. Love the potato peaks and bacon pralines. Yum!

3rd place Deb. Her chocolate angel food cake is perfect. The little feet on the pan for turning upside are awesome.

Special mentions:

Deb's son Kevin gets high marks for his bacon wrapped potato balls. We'd like to see him join the forum under his own handle. I'm gonna suggest ... Kevin!

bflofan's two whole days smoking is impressive and topped off by a wonderful berry dessert.

sparky and patrick_ct's bacon weaves look fabulous

squirt! That chicken saucy appetizer looks great. Is it a dip you serve with crackers or veggies?

Everybody did superb cooks. I only wish we could give awards to one and all. Thanks for letting me hang out. :D


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Good show everyone congrats to the winners and to the judge, Sis you had your hands full with this one..
And as well BP for making this all happen

Big Poppa

What do you mean you wish everybody could win? They got a 10 dollar credit! You got nothing and liked it!

Oh Cliff I know that Sis is happy to give the podium to you

Great job all of you!
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