Sis in Law is the Judge Im doubling the money this weekend! Enter!


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ITFD sorry I didn't see your post in time. Maybe Big Poppa will say you can enter it in next week's contest?


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Thanks Sis; tough job this week.. so many good entries.
Looking forward to putting my $10 credit toward an armor probe!


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Thanks SIS for the Judging you did a great job. Congrats to all the winners and to all the wonderful cooks this week and Thanks BP for you letting us play on this great site.


Wow, I'm truly blown away.

Thanks Sis. You went right from the frying pan with your very first entry and into the judging fire. Its a tough job judging very different food items. How does one choose one over another? It's a tough job!

Thanks again to BP.

A customer who'd seen this forum stopped by the shop today with his computer and asked me to "Hook it up and bookmark that BBQ smoking website for me." He was fascinated by all the different contest entries today and sat there glued for over an hour looking!

You guys and your food make this a true challenge every week!


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Here I am just catching up on the day's posts, did not know Sis had already judged the competition, was saving this thread for last....what a nice surprise! Congrats to Tent and Deb! Thanks Sis, surely tough duty to single out entries this week. Great entries by all! Thanks BP!
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Congrats to Tent, Rip, and Deb! This was definitely an Epic contest featuring amazing cook after amazing cook, Sis In Law definitely passed her initiation! Congrats to all who entered (you won 10 bones!) and thanks again to BP for giving such a cool place to hang out and swap food pics!


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Congrats everyone! And thanks BP for the great site. (I should be getting my cajon injector from BPS today so I now need to figure out what to make.. not the most difficult problems in life to have) :)


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Congrats Cliff & Rip!! Thanks SIL - you did not have an easy job this week, everything entered was a winner. Thanks BP.


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Great week!

Sis, we used those little Tostitos whole grain scoops with the dip.. Would work with veggies as well.

I wanted to slather some on my pulled pork sammie. ;)
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