This Weeks Contest! Rips the Judge Win Stuff! Learn something! Show Off!

Big Poppa

OK after a dismal turn out Rip still cooked some fabulous stuff.

Im not begging but you cant win if you dont enter.

First place 25 dollar gift certificate
2nd place a bottle of each of Andy and kim's Marinades SIGNED BOTTLES!
third place A jar of Plowboys Yardbird

Need 6 cookers entering!


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I'm in, I still can't breathe, it's raining , I have to work this weekend, but I'm going to find a way to cook something or I'm going to go crazy. I'm thinking it will be comfort food......


Glad snow is melting for someone... we're getting dumped on hard for the second time this week. On top of that .... I think deb gave us her flu - lol (now if only I could get her to share some of that comfort food :p - he he).


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Glad snow is melting for someone... we're getting dumped on hard for the second time this week. On top of that .... I think deb gave us her flu - lol (now if only I could get her to share some of that comfort food :p - he he).

Sorry Cliff, I was taught to share :( - I"ll share my food with you too.


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Don't care about the gift cert, into stomping pellet butts. Bring your best cooks ppl. (see my chest sticking out, feeling cocky this weekend). i hope deb and TH are feeling better soon. try this old family recipe. 1 cup hot water, 1 1/2 oz of whiskey, juice from one whole lemon and 1 tbs or honey. have 1 or 2 of these and you will fill better. don't tell no one. family secret. :)
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Wow, lotta smack already, four cooks committed and it isn't even Saturday! Bring it on! I stocked up on Advil after my last judging stint. :eek:


Deb, I bet your entry'll be great since its a 'make-up' and you have all that pent up cooking energy to release! ;)

Spark, the wife's bringing home Kentucky Bourbon so I'll be trying one at least of those this evening brother, Thanks!

Either way I'm not gonna let the weather & flu stop me. Actually, wrapping up in something warm & sitting outside in the cold near the BBQ pit with one of old Spark's tonics in hand actually sounds very therapeutic!


I don't Read stinking Labels

Test yourself or shake it up? How bout not reading the labels?
Red Snapper with Smoke on Wheels marinade some 17th street magic dust and pepper jack cheese cooked with basil leaves on top.
Both came out good the pork marinade looked the best should have been soaking longer then then 30 minutes I choose. The Chicken Marinade will be for sure used again on fish. Cooked at 325 until internal temp was 135. How long I did not mark down was just watching TV with the Maverick next to me.

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Renewing old friendships
thought i would bust out a old friend

1st strike ppl. going to be a long smoke filled weekend.
well, went to costco and picked up some tri-tip. used some texas rub on it.

used some pellets in foil for some smoke.

onto the kettle we go.

ohhhh, smoke.

pulled at 140º per wifes instructions.

let rest for 10 minutes, ohhh juicy


was a excellent meal. tri-tip, broccoli and mash potatoes. no kids either. quiet.
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Sparky, Sparky, Sparky....coming out strong! Can't help but notice Sparky has found Ol' Tent's soft spot :)


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comfort food needed......

Started off by cooking some chicken this morning... breast & thighs w plowboys yardbird

shredded the chicken and then added some celery, carrots, peas & onions

can't cook without help, I don't think she can get much closer (she's my shadow when I'm not cooking too)

made some gravy while the chicken was cooking, over the chicken & veggies, into the traeger to simmer

mixed up some herbed dumpling batter

dumpling batter onto the simmering chicken & gravy

out of the Traeger


to be continued
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Needed dessert... found this recipe for brownie pudding : figured I would try it

eggs & sugar going round & round

more ingredients - chambord, flour & cocoa powder (double dutch dark - awesome stuff)

a little butter

waterbath for an hour

with a little ice cream & raspberries
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Cook #1 for me this weekend..... TriTip.

Picked these up on Thursday, seasoned with some Montreal Steak Seasoning and a little dusting of Smoking Guns Sweet Heat. Vac packed it and let it sit until earlier today when I pulled it out and let it come up to temp a bit.



Unfortunately no in action pics as it was snowing off and on again today. Remote Pellet Boss to the rescue, kept my temp rock solida t 225* and let me know when the IT was 130*. At that point I put it in the 2 Stars warming drawer while I cranked the MAK up to HIGH. After it was up to temp I used the griddle over the Flame Zone, 3 minutes on each side to sear. Gave it great color and flavor.


Final temp just before slicing was right between 140-145* and it really didn't look as done in person as it does in the picture but the whole family thought it was perfect.


All in all my first Tri Tip was very memorable and tasted great. Family agreed it will definitely need a regular spot in the dinner rotation. I liked the fact that it reminded me a lot of brisket while still being different enough, but ready to go in just a few hours. Already planning another trip to Costco to see if they have any more of these bulk packs available. I sure hope they do.


Must be Tri Tip Day

I guess it is Tri Tip Day. So here is the one we cooked. Used Salt Lick as the glue for the Butchers Honey then on the MAK at 245 degress until the tri tip had a internal temp of 165.Take off wrap in foil with Stubbs Beef Marinade and back on the MAK until a internal temp of 203 was reached. Took off the MAK rested in ice chest for one hour then sliced and served.The Stubbs gives it a nice zip!





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