This Weeks Contest! Rips the Judge Win Stuff! Learn something! Show Off!


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that was a fun weekend. congrats to everyone. that was a cook-off for sure. wife thinks i went overboard. it's going to be a simple cook this next weekend. i'm thinking something with.........:cool:


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Woo hoo!

I'd like to thank the Academy, Big Poppa, Bob @ MAK Grills, Illinois Pork Producers, my Mom and...

That was a fun one. Lots of great ideas out there. And 'out there' being the operative word! :D

Looking forward to next weekend, I'll get the Windex ready to keep my keyboard clear of drool........


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I'm still wrapping my head around the nutella... :) AWESOME job this week everyone. I love watching the photos come flying in :)


WOW!!! Looks like I really missed a great one! Lots of entries and really tasty looking too! Well done to Deb, Sparky & Squirt!

Sparky, thanks again for the tonic recipe; It helped the tummy and head!
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