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Nana's Birthday Prime Rib

Picked this up on Thursday, same day I grabbed the TriTips. Today was my Mom's birthday and she loves Prime Rib so it was the only logical thing to do. Actually her Birthday dinner is going to be a 2 parter, today was Part 1 but the second half of the Prime Rib was placed in a DryBag and will be dry aged for 14 days at which time my parents will be invited over to see if they can tell the difference. Prep on the roast was a simple application of fresh cracked pepper, some salt and a very slight touch of Smoking Gun's Sweet Heat. The Sweet Heat is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, adds just the right flavor and I couldn't help adding just a little bit.

Didn't get many pictures as we were busy celebrating. You may even see the bottles of Capt. Morgan in the background, again my Mom's favorite.

I was real happy with the way it turned out. Went on the MAK for about 3.5 hours at 225* and was pulled at 130*. Rested for nearly an hour, peaked at 136* and when it dropped back down to 135* it went into a 500* oven for 5 minutes. The one thing I would love to improve is to get a nice peppery crispy-like crust on the outside. But absolutely no one was complaining.


Meal was completed with some Garlic Mashed Potatoes and some Garlic Butter Green Beans.


And unfortunately the pictures of the Angel Food Cake, fresh whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries somehow didn't make it on the CF card but the wife did great and it was a wonderful finish to the meal, nice and light after eating a pile of Prime!



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SOW's & Tuna

last post for the day. long weekend of smoke. right off the bat, the SOW's chicken is great. nice and light and i could see a bunch of uses.

let sit in a baggy on ice for 1 1/2 hours. just tuna and SOW's. nothing else. wanted to get a true feel for the marinade.

fired up #336 to 450º

threw on cast iron to warm up too.


1 1/2 minutes and flip

juicy fishy, fishy

on some rice w/ leftover coleslaw. it was fantastic.

another kiss for spark from the mrs. gotten more kisses this weekend than usual. thanks mak daddy, BP.....:)


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Ok, not sure the best way of posting pics here...I try to add a photo, and they all say file too large....What am I doing wrong? Just using a little cyber shot camera...Files shouldnt be that big I wouldnt think....Please leave some tips.....Thanks


Beef Tenderlion for Dinner

Dinner was a Beef Tenderlion. Seasoned with cowtown steak rub and montreal steak seasoning. Then seared in a cast iron pan then on the MAK at 250 until a internal of 130 is reached. Sealed in a food saver style bag and in a ice chest with water at 145 degrees. Let rest in hot water in cooler for 90 minutes. When cut almost no juices run out. The water holding I think is key to this. Also did some Bok Choy with the Smoke on Wheels marinade.







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i'm sure am glad i am not the judge. i think i counted 18 entries. much better. nighty night all. :cool:
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Well, looks like Ill have to wait till next weeks contest to enter....Really cant figure out why my pics wont upload??? Maybe thats for the best, alot of tough competition this week....Any tips will help....Thanks


Jerk Chicken

Wasn't planning on entering this week and after seeing the entries it probably would have been my best choice! Ol Sparky called his shot and then went postal :D Great entries by all, makes last week a distant memory!

Spent the weekend in Orange County with the wifes family so I didn't think we would get home in time for me to get any meaningful smoker time. We got back early enough though but the wife threw down the edict to KISS (keep it simple stupid :confused:) so I obliged and did a quick jerk chicken dinner.

Here we go:

Seasoned up some yardbird with The Jerk, Olive oil, and fresh lime juice


Onto the MAK @ 250 until an IT of 145 an then we cranked it up to 375 to finish it off, threw some fresh corn on the cob on to cook about halfway through



Served up


Everything was great, the Jerk seasoning is awesome, definitely want to play with this some more, fresh corn was great too. A nice quick simple meal on the MAK.


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Well, looks like Ill have to wait till next weeks contest to enter....Really cant figure out why my pics wont upload??? Maybe thats for the best, alot of tough competition this week....Any tips will help....Thanks

i don't upload directly to the site. I upload first to photobucket. Photobucket has codes for each picture - you copy and paste the code into your reply here. You want the "IMG Code" for full size pictures or "IMG thumb" for small pics that open up when you click on them.

Big Poppa

JIm That is sort of a reverse Sous Vide style of cooking...Nice application It is great to hold meat perfectly


JIm That is sort of a reverse Sous Vide style of cooking...Nice application It is great to hold meat perfectly

My ideas are almost always a rip off of another just tweaked around. This is the best way I have found to keep a filet roast just right. A lifesaver when having guests over. The key is when sealing the bag as soon as it gets to 3 on the cableas unit you hit the manual seal. Other wise it will suck the juice out of the meat. At three thee bag is tight to the roast.


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I have addictions. This is one of them.

I love moon pies.

turned on #336 to 325º and opened up the warming drawer. in they went.

checking moon pies for doneness is alot like checking ribs. the old toothpick test.


see how the tops are getting shiny. good moon pies.

it's not easy getting the insides cooked without melting all the chocolate away.

started with 3 of them. one was a test pie. had to sample to make sure the others were done. its a rough job but someone had to be the tester.

i liked them alot, my wife didn't. she thinks i should be committed. she says i am twisted. she should have figured that out long before now. lol.


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What a difference a week makes!

Triple Tri Tips, and a wide variety of other amazing cooks…If this week's entries didn’t tweak your creative spirit, I don’t know what will. Great job all! With so many entries I’m going to (try) to keep my comments brief.

In the order they (first cook per contestant) were entered:

- Red Snapper with basil.
Looks great! Thanks for the report on the SOW marinades.
- Tri Tip
Fantastic! Glad you shared your ‘brisket’ technique and cooler tricks, awesome stuff!
- California PelletSmoking Roll
Very interesting twist, Great looking meal, I like it!
Ah, the simple things, looks absolutely wonderful!
- Beef Tenderloins
Those do look exceptional, thanks again for sharing your tricks!

- 1st Strike – Tri Tip
Nicely done!
- 2nd Strike – Nutella Butts
Spark, I can just hear you giving a mad scientist cackle while you were layering the nutella and Jerk. Super stuff! I suppose next you’ll do something really crazy like Smoked Moon Pies?
- 3rd Strike – Ribs (elevated ribs no less)
Now it’s an official Contest. Great ribs Sparky, no surprise!
- Home Run – Pineapple Rum dessert
Ok Spark, gotta call you on this one, (…it’s Yabba Dabba Doo!) :D
And the dessert looks terrific!
- Extra Innings – SOW’s and Tuna
Another great cook with the SOW touch...(hope BPS stocked up on this stuff)
- Extra, Extra Innings – Moon Pies
Off the hook doesn’t even begin to describe this…just noticed the Mr. & Mrs. Hair…damn near speechless on this one! (I have a really big smile though…)

– Chicken and Dumplings with Brownie Pudding
Wow did that look good! Reading this post while it’s snowy and cold out…two bowls please! (with dessert of course!)

- Tri Tip
Nice Trent! Great bark.
- Nana’s BD Prime Rib
A Classy Classic Dinner, very nice! The dessert sounds great too!

- Tasso Ham/Debris Black Beans & Rice
Squirt, this just looks fantastic, I learn stuff from you every time you post!
- Slap Ya Mama’s Butt
Another winner! I would love to have a sammie with that on it!

- King Crab (20lbs no less!)
Nicely done! Hopefully you’ll post this in the Gallery with some details on temp and time.

- Jerk Chicken
Carter, great stuff as usual! Nice plating too!


In the spirit of Oscar weekend, it’s too bad I can’t present “lifetime” achievement awards for the prodigious bodies of work turned in this week by Sparky and Jim!

I never cease to be amazed at the quality of food turned out by the members of this forum!

FYI - One contestant has asked to be withdrawn from prize consideration. While this made things a little easier, there were still 7 or so cooks I wanted to put in my top three.

Without further ado (or whining):

3rd place – Deb – Chicken & Dumplings w/ Brownie Pudding
This was down home the whole way! Comfort food, oh yeah!

2nd place – Sparky – Nutella Butts
Mad scientist? Backyard genius? Not sure, but I never thought I’d be thinking about trying Nutella on pork….great stuff Sparky! Awesome weekend of cooks from you!

1st place – squirtthecat – Tasso Ham Debris with Black Beans & Rice
Great cooks this week Squirt, I could have just as easily picked Slap Ya Mama’s Butt.

Prize Recap:
1st place - 25 dollar gift certificate
2nd place - a bottle of each of Andy and kim's Marinades SIGNED BOTTLES!
3rd place - A jar of Plowboys Yardbird


Awesome weekend everyone. Congrats to the winners you guys definitely outdid yourselves! Looking forward to next week already!
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