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Surf-n-Turf Snacks

Surf-n-Turf Snacks

While I was at the fish market on Friday I picked up 3 whole mackerel so I could smoke them. I was planning to make up a fresh smoked fish dip for my bro’s birthday party. After cleaning and filleting the mackerel, I prepared them by dusting with white pepper and garlic powder.

Onto the MAK they go for an hour and a half in smoke mode; then I bumped the temp to 225 to finish them off. After they cooled down I removed the skin and blood vein and broke the meat into pieces. Into the food processor with my favorite old bay seasoning style dip ingredients. I like my fish spread in the consistency of a pate rather than a thin dip.


Since it was my brother’s 50th, I broke out my last stick of venison summer sausage and sliced some of it up on the meat slicer. I thought a perfect accompaniment for my “surf and turf” snack was the St. Germaine Swiss that I smoked on the MAK a few weeks ago. I’ve had it mellowing out vacuum packed in the fridge just waiting for a day like today.


I absolutely love this fish dip and everyone who has tried it really compliments the way it turns out. I think this is yet another great way to show off what you can do with a pellet smoker.


Thanks for looking.



Wow, there are some great looking entries!

While away camping this weekend we picked up some bone-in pork loin chops on sale. Looking for something simple (but good) for supper this evening, we decided to cook up some...

Sweet & Spicy Mustard Chops.

I mixed up some yellow mustard, brown sugar & a little cayenne pepper.

Slather the mustard onto the chops and sprinkle on some Little Louise w/Black Pepper.

Onto the pellet grill & smoked for a bit at 225° then ramped the temp up to 350° and cooked for about 30 minutes or so until done, but not dried out. I chose Peach pellets for this cook.

Served up with some fresh sweet corn Garlic & Chive mashed potatoes. The chops were nicely smoky, sweet, tangy & just slightly spicy. The color was gorgeous.

They were absolutely succulent & tender...

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Post-workout Panic

Post-workout Panic

So there I am – trying to be good and get some exercise to fight the pellet smoking sag – and I realize there’s nothing planned for lunch. Dang it, I’ve gotta eat well after working out and replenish those carbs and feed the muscles some protein. I know, I’ll get creative with the leftover fish dip.


This is simple but delicious. A slice of rye bread and smoked fish spread topped with fresh sliced tomato, ground pepper, and smoked cheese. Under the broiler for a tad less than 10 minutes and it is ready. I enjoyed this along with some sliced cantaloupe, cherries and a glass of milk. Panic over. Body happy again. This should last a little while until I start thinking about dinner.


Satay, Nuke Cukes & Indonesian Burgers

Sunday Spice

I’ve wanted to make a peanut dip sauce on my grill ever since I visited Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Vegas. That meal was a nice inspiration above the average Satay dipping sauce. So, I set forth on my adventure to make the best peanut sauce I could. I thought there must be a way to get the smoky love into that sauce somehow.

I thought why not start with the heart of the sauce – by smoking the peanuts and making homemade peanut butter. I used Spanish redskins in the MAK warming box for about 1.5 hours. I then took them off and removed the skins (pain in the a$$) before putting them into the food processor. I added some peanut oil and honey and let the blade fly. I was really pleased with the consistency of the ground nut that resulted.

Meanwhile, I had prepared the base for the sauce out of coconut milk, chicken stock, lime juice, a couple of Thai peppers, and a teaspoon of red curry. This was warming up as the peanuts smoked but then I cranked the dial to 400 to get everything going. I stirred in the peanuts and let it boil for about 15 minutes.



The sauce reduced to a perfect consistency (not bad for the first time not knowing what I was doing). Once I had the grill grates good and hot, it was time for the chicken satay.

I wanted to have a chicken satay starter but it turned out that became part of the main course. I marinated the satay in a homemade mixture of spices for 16 hours. I kept giving it a swirl to move all the pieces around and make sure all parts are getting the flavors. The satay takes only about 6-7 minutes with the MAK set to 400 using the Grill Grates.

The main course for the evening was Indonesian Pork Burgers. The recipe calls for a flvaroful mayonnaise based spread using basil, green onion, cilantro, and lime juice. I prepared the burgers but substituted ½ the pork with ½ ground turkey. The meat mixture also contains ginger, garlic, fish sauce, peanut butter, ground anise and sriracha.


I decided to go with a rice vinegar cucumber salad with shallots and a Thai pepper as the side dish.


This was an excellent meal. It is very unique and just bursting with flavors. From the peanut sauce and marinated satay to the unique flavors of the Indo burger you just couldn’t stop eating. The Thai peppers in the cucumber laid on some heat and are not for the soft palate. I was surprised how much the vinegar pulled the heat out of the pepper in the 2 hours from prep to dining. I think I would back it off to use a ½ pepper the next time.

I’m glad there are leftovers but I can't wait to make it again …



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Simple Summer meals

Sparky, I would have loved to have made ribs 8 ways for this contest...but there just wasn't time....

So instead it's a what's available meal.

Had two whole chickens on hand, and spatchcocked chickens have been a recent topic, so here's how I'm doing them now:

Using my fingers I partially separate the breast and thigh skin from the chicken. Then SOW marinade (especially the chunky parts) is spooned underneath the skin.

Then the outside of the skin is covered with SOW marinade. The non chunky part of the marinade is injected into the breasts.

Then BPS Desert Gold, Chili powder, and my own cayenne/habenero powder are sprinkled on. I try to do this a few hours before cooking. The cook consists of 250 until IT reaches 150 then the MAK is bumped up to 350 until IT reaches 165.

While cooking in the main chamber, I recently started using the MAK warming drawer to help dry out peppers for grinding. Here's a mix of chili's, and habneros from the garden I put on with the chickens.

Some batches get to spend time on smoke in the main chamber as well. Here's a batch ready for grinding.

Here's the chicken, hot off the MAK.

With a wealth of garden tomatoes, we decided to make some bruschetta MAK style.
The bread was brushed with EVOO and toasted first and then put back on with mozzerella and tomatoes. Fresh basil from the garden was added after they were taken off the MAK. These turned out great, we will be doing them again!

My wife decided to finally make the bacon cupcakes she'd been wanting to do ever since we had some at a fancy cupcake store. She took a yellow cake mix, added some maple syrup and some crisp chopped bacon chunks (smoked on the MAK). This was spooned into cupcake cups and baked on the MAK at 325 for about 18 minutes.

After cooling a cream cheese based frosting was piped on along with more bacon chunks.

Here's my plate.

The cupcakes were awesome! Yes, I had more than the one on my plate.
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Steak, Potatoes, and Moose...

Started the new mini potatoes with EVOO w/ roasted garlic, LL w/ Pepper and Parm.. always great.

Then the reverse sear method for the Porterhouse steaks (225 until IT of 100) Then put the new sear grates on and cranked it up.

Potatoes in the smoker box to hold.

Put the steaks on the sear grates and Moose steaks that my neighbor brought over on the top shelf. (can not see them in the smoke :)) )Also added some stuffed Portabellas (non meat eater) and the chicken sticks for the kids when the heat came up.
Man I love the smoke!!

Took everything off at a good medium. I added some Serrano Peppers from the neighbors garden since we all like hot food!

My plate with the Steak, Moose, Potatoes, peppers and some green stuff:

I love the new sear grates!


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Well, I'll throw my hat into the ring. Sparky, I don't envy you one bit. These last few entries are AWESOME! Here's my attempt at spatchcock chicken, grilled corn, and smoked baked potatoes.
Got the weber fired up, threw in a couple foil pouches of hickory pellets, and got to work on the birds.

Hit the chicken with annies roasted garlic EVOO, plowboys yardbird rib, and some lemon pepper.

Potatoes were done just like BP's video, except I used annie's again instead of plain olive oil (sorry, no pics)
Hit the corn with a little annies for flavor, then misto'd more oil, then dusted em with a little Tony Chachere's. (again, sorry no pics)
Cooked the taters first, then the chicken and corn. Threw a couple links of Andouille sausage on for a snack.

Chicken's done!

Plated up:


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Chicken, bacon and sausage

Had the family over tonight and thought it would be good to try the first spatchelcocked chicken. First time and it was a lot easier than expected. Made a quick brine with chicken boulion, herbs de Provence seasoning, cracked pepper, some jalapeno salt. I only had 2 hours to let it sit so I also cooked down the brine and injected it in all the good spots. Onto the MAK at 225 for 2 hours then crank up the heat to 350 (I love the pellet boss) Added some bacon and made a fattie with hot sausage and bacon wrapped it. This was supposed to be for baked beans during the week...

I took some plain peanuts that I had and thought I could jazz them up as a snack{
Added some EVOO, cayanne pepper and smoked paprika to some and roasted garlic EVOO, garlic salt and parm cheese to the others. Put in the smoker box for about an hour...they were mostly eated well before dinner.

Ready to be served:

The sausage that was not meany for dinner.. gone.
Bacon... also gone :(
This is the first time my family even saw a chicken like this... they thought it was the juicest bird they ever had.... I was feeling pretty good.
The peanuts were also a huge hit since it was so simple and added so much more flavor!

Now I have no leftovers for work nor stuff to make beams with.. i guess it could be worse! It was a great Sunday!


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CR Coho Salmon, Lobster Tails with Citrus Chili Butter& Roasted Corn & Crab Risotto

Im also on a seafood kick Sparky... Since the wife became pregnant Ive tried to do fish once a week... Only a few more days to go, anyways I grabbed a nice Copper River Coho Salmon Filet, a couple small Lobster Tails and some Snow Crab..

Melted some butter and mixed with some BPLL, wrapped some corn with the mixture and threw on the MAK at 375 along with the Snow Crab...Basted the crab with the same mixture..



Let it cool and then removed the Meat from the shell..



Cut the corn from the cobs, only used 3 ears and also used some shallot, chicken broth, fresh grated parm, butter, chives and a little sugar..Took the broth, half the corn and sugar and heated to a boil...Removed and into the blender and then strained..Sauteed the shallot then added the arborio rice...Had the broth on simmer and just added ladle fulls at a time till absorbed...At the end mixed in the parm, crab and rest of the corn..Topped with a little more parm and chives..



Salmon, just used a little evoo, some king salmon rub that Ive had and wanted to try and a couple fresh lemon slices..Lobster tails I also rubbed with a little evoo and some BPLL and BPDG.. Took a small tin and threw in some butter, dried chipotle chili and some orange, lemon and lime zest and put it on the MAK while it was heating up... Basted the tails with that mixture as they cooked..







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CR Coho Salmon, Lobster Tails with Citrus Chili Butter& Roasted Corn & Crab Risotto 2


Waa Laaa!!

Made Berry Crisp for Desert with a little Vanilla Ice Cream....Used some fresh Raspberries and Bluberries and made a crumble with some oatmeal and granola..





We loved it!!


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Coney Island Hot Dogs

I've seen some recent posts of hot dogs and it gave me the urge to make some Coney Island Hot Dogs Spinny style. My side dishes included smoked four cheese mac n' cheese muffins and chipotle/lime butter smoked corn on the cob.

Used 1.5lbs of ground chuck, 1 chopped onion, 2 minced garlic cloves. For the sauce: 8oz of tomato paste (some people say the original coney dog doesn't use it but I like the flavor), 1 cup water, 1Tbs sugar, mustard and dried minced onion. 1 Tsp worcestershire, 2 Tsp chili powder, 1 Tsp salt, half Tsp celery salt and ground cumin and some black pepper to taste.


Smoked the beef for 15 min at 200F then cooked for 15 min at 350F.


For the mac n' cheese I used a cup each of mild white cheddar, Fontina, Asiago and 2 cups mild cheddar cheese.
1 1/2 cups crushed butter crackers (about 38 crackers recommend: Ritz)
4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted, plus 2 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces
4 cups cooked elbow macaroni (about 8 ounces uncooked), drained and kept hot
2 large eggs, beaten
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 teaspoon salt


Mixed melted butter and 1 cup of cheddar cheese into the crushed bred crumbs and put in a muffin tin. Smashed firmly into holes and up the sides.


Filled the muffins tin with the mac n cheese and cooked at 350F for 15 minutes.


Cooked thick cut bacon with cayenne pepper and brown sugar.


Chipotle lime butter with clantro, salt and pepper.


Grilled the corn at 500F then topped it with the butter.


I used 100% angus beef Nathan's hot dogs...a pre-coney sauce pic.


Final shot...ended up putting some cotija cheese on top of the corn and extra bacon bits on top of the mac n cheese.


My tribute meal to Nathan's hot dogs!
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Chile, that is a very righteous entry.... If you don't take "Grand Champion" with that, ask for a recount.....
Well done, mmmmmmmm


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1st off i am sorry for being late. had to take my daughter to the hospital.

i thought about which meal would i like w/ my glass of milk.

1st prize goes to bent (you ppl call him flbentrider).
Fajitas three ways. All marinated in a mixture of lime juice, tequila and spices
man, did those fajitas look so good to me. 2 thumbs up garth....

2nd prize goes to deb. chicken parmesan w/ spaghetti. right up my ally. it look good and tasty.

3rd prize goes to chili head. filet mignon w/ all the sides. wonderful meal.

alot of excellent cooks. thanks for all who entered. thanks BP for the extra cash also. very nice of ya. :cool:


Way to go, BentRider, Deb & Chili Head! Thanks for the tough job of judging Spark.

There was a definite spatchcock chicken theme going on this week. You gotta love seeing it done so many different ways. And welcome Smalls; I love seeing new entries.

And thanks again to BP for hosting.

Chili Head

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Whoo hoo! My first podium finish!!
Thanks BP and thank you Sparky!

Nice job FL and Deb!
I've learned a lot since I first came to this site and watching the posts of your cooks and the others here as well has made me a better backyard cook !

I hope to raze dazzle next week!

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