WAA LAAA Baby Sparky is the judge this week Come pick my pockets!


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1st prize goes to bent (you ppl call him flbentrider).
2nd prize goes to deb. chicken parmesan w/ spaghetti. right up my ally. it look good and tasty.
3rd prize goes to chili head. filet mignon w/ all the sides. wonderful meal.
alot of excellent cooks. thanks for all who entered. thanks BP for the extra cash also. very nice of ya. :cool:[/QUOTE]

I think you did a great job judging Sparky, I have never seen so many great looking entries. Congratulations to the winners, and those who did not place, still had some awesome cooks...

I hope your daughter is doing ok.

and thanks to BP for putting up the prizes


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You have earned yourself a FT or three after that job of judging. The cooks get more fantastic each week, and as a result, harder to judge.

You have your work cut out for you this week. Go get'um! (You may need a FT or three yourself).



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Congrats to flbentrider, Deb and Chili Head! Awesome pellet smoking sessions

There were really GREAT cooks this last weekend. People came out with their guns blazing!

BP's getting an app!? Can't wait to check that out...


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Congrats to all the winners! All where great lookin meals, must have been a tough week to judge Sparky. Sorry for the late congrats to everyone but my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday! Thanks again BP for another fun week.
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