What does your Handle mean?


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Hello , just joined the site and will hopefully be picking up my pellet smoker tonight .

PTplayers = Paul Tracy when he drove the for Players in Indy car .


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I am from Missouri and I like to smoke the Huka. I have spent considerable time in the Middle East and have developed a fondness for the smooth smoke. In fact I am presently in Jeddah and smoked one this afternoon


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Been a while since I've posted on here (but MAK #524 is still cooking great -- in fact, there is a rack of beef ribs on it now)...

Elderberry... Back in the 90's the company I worked for handed me a Blackberry phone and said "you are allowed to set it down when you shower but don't turn it off". Since it replaced a "stone age" flip phone, and was far more involved than my knowledge base, I joined a forum to learn. The Blackberry was a wine red color and reminded me of elderberries and I've used Elderberry all over the internet ever since...


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Simple name for a simple guy!

Nothing fancy bout my handle Wolf is my last name and 1955 is when I was born.
Wolfman Jack used to occupy a lot of my radio lisening time.


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What does your handle man

In my case, I am a mailman in Las Vegas. Not sure I want to change it as I plan on retiring within the next 6 months god willing. thinking I still will use it, been using it to long,lol.


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My name is Mike and my username started as a joke with friends. I appear to be the local grilling expert within my group of friends and I do a lot of smoking and grilling. One of the neighbors children is really picky with what they eat and loved my steaks so he decided to post on facebook that his son was actually eating BBQ and ended it with the hashtag #MIKESMEAT. Since then it has kind of been a joke between friends and if you search #MIKESMEAT on FB you can see some of the previous meals I have grilled/smoked throughout the last couple of years. My friends say that if I ever start up a restaurant that it should be called Mike's Meat and that I should sell shirts saying "You can't beat Mike's Meat" on the front and have "But you can try!!" on the back :)


Comes from being a long time sponsor of Ducks Unlimted (du) and my first name (bob) - dubob. Still hunting waterfowl of all sorts and loving it. ;)

Pac Man

I'm from the Pacific Northwest, and when I lived on the East Coast my buddies called me Pac Man because of that. Haven't gone by the nickname in years, but I figured "Pac" rhymes with "MAK," so decided to bring it out of retirement.


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My handle comes from a large room in my basement in which our band rehearsed. We covered the walls with padding to absorb the sound and the results were a real "padded room". It was a great place for all the crazies to hang out :cool:
Paddedroom was also my first email and internet nickname. Now they just call me Pad.
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