What does your Handle mean?


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Mine is from and old SNL skit with Mike Myers, "Lothar" King of the hill people. Lothar was a barbarian, and I guess my friends associated me as be a rough-houser barbarian? 1974 you can probably guess :)


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I used the nickname from my days at Ernie Ball. I used to work in Sterling's shop back during my college days at Cal Poly (long time ago). My name is Glen Campbell so at the shop it quickly became Rhinestone (yes, as in cowboy) and then was just shortened to Stone.

Rock on and keep on smokin'!!!


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FlyPig was from me buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I always said that when I bought a Harley, Pigs would fly.

I did, they do now, and I traded it in for a tractor for my farm. Trading one tractor for another. :)

Andy, Enumclaw, WA.

BBQ Bill

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Mine is short for BBQ Bill's great tastin grub rub. I don't sell it but all my friends want it. I'm working on a sauce too, so far so goood.

Papa Smurf

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Papa Smurf was given to me by the counter girls at a truck stop that I used stop at frequently. Seems there were three other drivers from our company with the name of Steve that stopped there and they needed to tell us apart. We wore blue uniforms at the time and I have a gray beard so they called me Papa Smurf and I liked it. I use it on other forums and groups that I belong to.


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FrozenTundra is what it's like where I live. We get allot of wind off Lake Superior and I see its supposed to be -8º tomorrow nigh again. It does make it nice for cold smoking :)
Let's see.

I'm 5'8" tall and weigh close to 250. Have a gray beard and hair, and I'm kind of on the furry side.

And can you guess what year I was born?
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