What does your Handle mean?


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This is a handle I started on a diesel website years ago. A chevy duramax in AZ. I use it through all the forums I've joined. Keeps it simple.


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Used to play with 'Transformers' action figures with my two sons. They began calling me Dadnatron instead of Megatron. It stuck, and they signed me up for a video game one time and made my name Dadnatron as a joke. I reversed it on them, and have embraced it ever since.


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I'ver been a trucker for 28 years. Truck8256 was the unit number I was driving when a cement mixer driver had a diabetic seizure and T boned my rig. I opened up the passenger door and walked away injury free. You got to keep that handle.


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I am a pilot (not for money, just for fun). I was out at the field one day and it was blowing to beat the band. One guy said "the only thing you should be flying today is a kite". To which I replied "I came here to fly so I will be seein' ya..". From that day on they all called me "Kite".


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Dave Hunsberger is my name. Everyone called me "Huns" when I joined the fire department in Virginia when I was 15.


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In grad school we shared parts of a chemistry lab in pairs; for a while I was working next to another Paul, so people started calling us PaulyT (me) and PaulyP (him) to keep us straight. It sorta stuck in my head...


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Soupyjones is the name of a horse I rode my first year guiding in the mountains. After i got out of the hills I saw an old mini series from 1989 called Lonesome Dove that had a character named Soupyjones. I stole the name for a game and it has been my handle since.


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FilthyBeast is the name of my jeep. My Ham license is W4TFB - Whiskey 4 The filthy Beast, ties in to the Cary Grant character in Father Goose.

Here's the jeep.




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The army spent lots of time and money to make me fluent in Arabic. That was about the time that e-mail started becoming more popular, 1995ish. I needed an email address and there were no names left in English that didn't require you to misspell or add numbers so I decided to use a different language. The word "moomtaz" in Arabic means "excellent". I just thought it was a cool sounding word. It has been my email address and all around interweb name since.
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