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Recent content by Salmonsmoker

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    I finally went and done it!!!

    After at least six years(and probably longer) of dreaming and drooling, I have a MAK 2-Star General on order. Yay for me !! ;);) Anxiously waiting for that email notification from BPS saying "your item has shipped". It will join my line-up of two BPS drum smokers and Bradley smoker. Send meat...
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    Server problem?

    I get an internal error code-HTTP 500- when I click on "new posts" and can only get to the postings through the individual category selections. Also not in the proper format. Server problem? P.S. The drumsmoking site is working fine.
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    Buckboard Bacon and Canadian Bacon

    Time to make some bacon! The local RD was running a special on whole fresh pork loins, so I picked one up. While there, I noticed that they were running a special on pork cushion meat, so I grabbed a cryovac pack(4/pack) of that too. Dry cured and into the fridge for two weeks, overhauling...
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    Dry aged tri-tip anyone?

    The local Cash and Carry was running a special on tri-tip @ $2.69/lb, so I just had to stock up. It's untrimmed, but even after trimming the actual cost is still less than $4/lb. There were 5 tips in one pack and 4 in the other. I'd been thinking in the cobweb packed reccesses of my mind, that...
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    28 Days. It's Here! It's Here!

    After 28 days it's finally time to see what's been happening inside the UMAi bag in the garage fridge. A whole rib eye. I didn't take a starting picture or take the weight. I didn't do any trimming, as advised in the directions. With the bag peeled off. Looks like good contact was maintained...
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    Baby Back Ribs with garlic mash, garden fresh carrots and salad

    Three babies, the top one with gunpowder/hasty bake, middle with Plowboys Bovine Gold, the bottom one with Money/Head Country Championship rub. On to the UDS with a good handful of apple pellets for some smoke love. We're lookin' good... Foiled for an hour then back on the grill for some...
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    It's my party and I'll 'que if I want to...

    My wife asks me...what do you want to do for your 60th birthday. I wanna cook! Well, alrighty then. Knock yourself out, big boy. Here we go; marinated tri-tip, char-grilled Coho salmon, bacon wrapped grilled corn. (thanks Jeanie) The anti-chikin cast. Sorry Sparky, it's homebrew. I could...
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    Reposting to a different thread

    How do you re-post a thread you've already posted, to a new thread without rebuilding the whole post from scratch? I can't find any info and can't seem to figure it out. Thanks...
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    Cheers! My name is Jim and I'm NOT a pellet smoker, YET!

    I'm a long time Salmon smoker, a little hobby picked years ago when I lived in Alaska. Actually, not as much a hobby, as food prep and storage for those long winters. I also make sausage, brine and smoke meats. I started out with a "Little Chief" and must have put 1000# through it before it won...
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