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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Even though it’s mostly crickets on here. I wanted to wish all of my fellow pellet heads a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!!
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    Has Anybody seen this?

    Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill | Steaks, brisket, & First impressions! - YouTube Looks pretty good. Nice price point too.
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    Grill grate question

    With the temp increase on the MAK & being 600 & being able to set the grill in " Grill" mode. I'm confused as to the information on the MAK site. It says that if you're grilling & using the grates that you're not supposed to set the grill higher than 350 because you might warp the grill grates...
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    Happy 4th of July!!

    Have a safe & happy holiday!! Let's see some holiday cook pics too!
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    Options question

    I know some people have Blackstone griddles. A lot of people have the griddle that MAK makes. This griddle looks a little small in my opinion. With the better heat of the new FZ. Any opinions on a full flamezone griddle If MAK made one? Does that sound like a good idea or an inconvenience or...
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    Anything New

    Haven't really seen any posts here for a while. Are there any new innovations/improvements coming in 2019 for MAK grills?
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    Pizza question

    Just wondering what type of pizza pan you use when making pizza in your grills? I see solid pans & pans with holes in them. Any suggestions on what type of pan works best? Cast iron, stainless, aluminum? Thanks
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    Anybody getting Spam notifications?

    I've had a couple of spam notifications on here. Anybody else getting hit? Just wondered
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    Any Videos?

    I was wondering. Since the upgraded Flame Zone is a new addition the MAK lineup. I was wanting to know if anybody has any videos of it in use. Maybe, cooking a steak or chops or anything? I know MAK used to have videos of the grill in the past showing its' versatility. Might be time for a...
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    Pizza question

    I was just wondering if anybody cooks pizzas on their MAKs and if they like how they turn out? Also, If you have a 2 Star. How many pizzas and how big of a pizza can you fit in there? Thanks!
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    New Flame Zone question

    I keep hearing how much better the new flame zone is. Say one wants to use the MAK for mostly grilling say 4 times a week. Does the new zone justify purchasing a MAK if you mostly want to grill? Also, with most gassers, after a cook you just turn the grill up to high and burn most of the gunk...
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    Merry Christmas

    I just wanted to whish you all a safe and Happy Holiday season. May all your cooks go well and taste great!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
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    Burnt End Help

    I was wondering if anyone had anyone tips on making burnt ends. Such as when during the cook do you cut up the point to make them? Thanks!!
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    Dry Brining?

    Has anybody every dry brined any steaks? If so, how do you like this technique and do you have any tips on performing it? Thanks, BP
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    Cleaning question

    Does the MAK get hot enough to clean the grates or do you have to throw them in the dishwasher or oven after you use them? I just wondered what most do to keep their grates clean. Thanks, BP
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