What does your Handle mean?


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Now retired.
Michigan State Police
Retired as Lieutennant, but like most, the best days (and nights) were as Trooper.
Had a great career


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Nuge, as in Ted Nugent has been my nickname since High School. Always been a big fan and my last name is spelled a bit like his even though it doesn't sound the same. TT started out with just a single T from my first name of Trent but it became TT when I bought an Audi TT and was very active on some Audi forums as well as doing some serious modding and tuning of my TT. Then I got married to a wonderful woman with 2 kids, had one of our own and 2+3=No Mo TT.


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Ricker - my lovely wife calls me this all time as my real name is Rick. My other nickname and part of our team name when we was competing was doughboy. I have been called doughboy longer than the "real" Pillsbury doughboy been around. Darn, I knew I should have done a copyright thing. I could have been rich!!!!


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Mine requires some imagery and a bit of a sad story to explain...

One of my old cats - Squirt - was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago. Cats (and dogs) use the same insulin that humans use, so I started getting my supplies at Walgreens. Talking with the pharmacist about this, they recommended a 'Prescription Savings Program' that is for non-insured members of the family - including pets.

So I get this card in the mail..


The name stuck. (we ended up losing him to cancer a little over a year ago, but 'SquirtTheCat' lives on)

He still gets mail from time to time! :)


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Squirt, I was hoping you would illuminate us...if BP had offered a prize, you would get my vote....we had a cat that got insulin shots twice a day for the last five years of his life, lived to be 22, never got any mail though.


...and people think it's strange that I have health insurance for my dogs.

Great story squirt.


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Great stories, I've wondered about some of you.
That is a great story Squirt!
My name is fairly boring... I live on a small ranch, raise horses, cattle, pigs, poultry and shrimp. I do not look much like a cowgirl....have a hat but rarely wear it. I do wear boots, living in rattlesnake territory and working with large livestock makes them a "must have".
I'm surrounded by large ranch owners....my closest neighbor's house is about 2 miles away. I really love the solitude out here. :)


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Nothing exciting about mine. Kimberly Groneman is my name and SOW is the initials for Smoke On Wheels. On the other form I am Smknwhlswife. Which was interesting at first because people thought it was Smokin Whale or something like that. LOL
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It's what my daughter started calling me years ago (long before Diane Krall used the same name! lol) It was just her morphing from "dad."


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Everyone should be able to figure mine. TX PGA Pro. I live in the hill country of Central Texas and have been a member of the PGA for over 20 years.
My icon is a character drawing of me. Miguel Carlos is Spanish for my first and middle name. I spent many years in the full service TexMex restaurant business prior to my golf career and during, helping my younger brothers in their 100+ unit chain.

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cool stories. we need to have a party at bp's house someday get to know each other better. bp can cook for us.... :cool:
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