What does your Handle mean?


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I've lived in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon since the early-to-mid 1980s. I live in my parent's house (now deceased) on the Rogue River. My first name is Jim.

Big Poppa, what guitar forum do you frequent? I'm a vintage guy. Blues, blues, and blues...


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Whats the handle mean?

ITFD is the fire service that I belong to Inter Township Fire Department and the 15 is my number on the fire department.

Phrett Bender

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I'm a six stringer (guitar player) since the early 60's. That's where the Phrett/fret name originates. I sit in on a few sessions now and again but mainly play for my own amusement and like to switch the instruments around. About 27 guitars in the stable at this time and all are players that get some attention. Well, except a 67 Strat that has original strings and 30 min. of play time. That one could be sold if the price is right!


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Mine's another boring one - first initial and last name. Been using it since around 1992 on various places, so it's a habit.

My unofficial vote is also cast for "Squirt the Cat" - great story. :)


MAK Daddy, well I guess that's obvious as our boy's are Matt, Alex & Kal (MAK) :)

Check out the new shirts we got for the crew this year, they love them!
Maybe BP and MD should make a RAP song LOL.




What a rap song or a T shirt :)

Send me your size and I will send you a shirt :)
We can't sell them because 50 other people have trade marks to close to that :)


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What Does Your Handle Mean - Part II

Hi all, a while back we had a fun thread inviting members to share the story behind their forum handle: http://www.pelletsmoking.com/pellet-smoking-com-lounge-9/what-does-your-handle-mean-804/

We've added a lot of new members since then and there were some notables who did not contribute last time, (HoDeDo comes to mind :D ).

Can anyone top the backstory on SquirtTheCat? (TentHunter is a good story too)

This is supposed to be fun, so if you don't wish to tell, np! :cool:


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I used to be an on air radio personality and Star102.1 was the station. Never got away from the handle.

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Born and raised in the great city of Buffalo, NY!! You can never forget your roots even though it was cold, snowy and miserable half of the time!!


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Well Mala means Alaskan Malamutes Woo means they talk and woo alot and dad means I am a proud dad of 2 grown daughters now and dad of 2 malamutes of my own and I foster rescue malamutes all the time which I am involved with dog rescues alot. But I am not as cute and witty like Sparky ha ha. But I have had a love of smoking food all my life since a kid.


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HoDeDo: The first generation from which smoke on wheels was born. There is a story to the effect that a couple of the original guys were doing some cooking, and one of the briskets they had panned (Bob had a restaurant, called the Gasthaus at that point, but it was also the Jayhawk cafe for many years)... at any rate, the pan had sprung a leak and another of the HDD's had gone inside and he was yelling for him to hold the door, as he was running with a tray of brisket, full of juice leaking onto his arm. Needless to say, that brought up an old off color joke, to which they decided that was an appropriate name for the bunch of idiots they were. so they became the "HoDeDo's". I don't know if this is true or accurate as I was probably 4-5 yrs old when this occured :).

Since then, when I started cooking with them, I have been called myraid things from "the little ho" to pit b!t*h" from all different folks. As I started cooking more on my own, (and they were doing less and less comps and just focusing on local stuff...) some of the teams/ people that remember the bigger crew, still call me hodedo, or lil' ho. So that is my homage to the guys that got me here in my handle.
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