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Recent content by cowdog

  1. cowdog

    FlashFire Question

    I am thinking about purchasing the FlashFire for my 2-Star. I am looking for feedback before I pull the trigger. Basically, how tough is the FlashFire? Has anyone had any issues with durability? I have gone through four igniter rods and would rather not spend $200 if this FlashFire is no...
  2. cowdog

    MAK 2-Star Won't Ignite

    I am having an issue igniting my 2-Star. The temp sits at 95 and it reads "igniting". I cleaned out the firebox, restarted with the same result. I cleaned the firebox a second time, cleaned off the igniter rod, had it off and resting for 30 minutes before another attempt with the same result...
  3. cowdog

    Tried Something New

    I am missing the warm weather and thought I would try something I haven't tried yet... Caribbean Pulled Pork. Got some Caribbean rub, Caribbean BBQ sauce, and some Goya Mojo Marinade. I got a nice 9 pound pork shoulder from Wegmans, injected with the mojo marinade, applied some garlic infused...
  4. cowdog

    Steaks on the 2-Star, Advice Please

    When grilling steaks on the 2 Star, would you recommend beginning the steaks in the cold smoke chamber with the main chamber on high, then finishing in the main chamber? Or, use the main chamber only beginning the steak on a side with flame zone on for indirect grilling, then finishing on the...
  5. cowdog


    MAKDADDY, I upgraded my Pellet Boss and installed my wifi module with no issues. Just wanted to pass along that my router worked great with the wifi. Motorola SURFboard SBG6580
  6. cowdog

    Temp Difference Between Main Chamber and Cold Smoker on 2-Star

    Would there happen to be any kind of chart, or any information that shows the temp difference between the main chamber and the cold smoker box on the 2-Star? For example, when I have the main chamber running at 450, or 180, what temp would I expect the cold smoker to be hitting?
  7. cowdog

    Saturday Wings

    It is a gorgeous day out today and I am in the mood for some hot wings. I have never grilled wings and figured it is about time. I am using Matt Dalton's technique of starting them off on the upper rack of the MAK at 250 for a couple of hours, then I will raise the temp to 350 and move them to...
  8. cowdog

    3 Racks of Baby Backs, 3 Pepper Jellies

    Finally transitioned back to a day shift so I can enjoy some grilling. Ordered some pepper jellies a few weeks ago and figured what a better time to try this out. I picked up three racks of baby backs for this trial. The Pepper Jellies... I found these neat mini dutch ovens that I will use...
  9. cowdog

    Pepper Jelly & Baby Backs

    A question to the experts. As a little background, I do a lot of baby backs and always use the following technique: Apply glue, typically olive or grape seed oil, followed by a generous amount of rub. Place on preheated 2 Star at 250 for about 2hrs 45 minutes, then wrap in foil with schmear...
  10. cowdog

    Chilly and Rainy, good time for Chili...

    A chilly and rainy day here in Northern Virginia, and the wife has been requesting me to make some chili. So, here goes... Most of the players... Figured I would try to smoke the ground beef for a while and see if the smoky flavor will still come out with all of the spices. Here is the...
  11. cowdog

    My First Turkey

    Thanksgiving is one of the reasons I got a pellet grill. I have never done a turkey before, ever. So, I went with Meathead's Ultimate Turkey Barbecue Turkey And Turkey On The Grill: The Ultimate Smoked Turkey Recipe Brined the bird overnight, after about 11 hours of brining I rinsed and put...
  12. cowdog

    Hump Day Baby Backs

    Was at the grocery store and happened by the rib section. The baby backs looked fantastic and I couldn't pass them up. I used EVOO and coated in my own rub... On to the General at a temp of 250. It maintained Grill Temp of 250 in spite of it being 40 degrees and windy. I watched closely and...
  13. cowdog


    I'm thinking of doing some beef jerky on the MAK 2-Star. I am looking for advice on cooking temp and duration. Also, would there be any difference between beef and venison?
  14. cowdog

    First Brisket...

    Got an 11lb packer from the butcher yesterday. Trimmed the fat pockets and silver off the top, and the hard fat from the sides and some fat between the point and flat. I coated with EVOO, and then applied a liberal amount of rub (Fiesta Brisket Rub), then let sit in the refridgerator for 2...
  15. cowdog

    Just Bought My First Brisket

    Just bought a 11lb brisket, with the point. Have never done a brisket before. I have some questions about timing. I am not sure what time to put the meat on this evening for an overnight cook. I hate to be selfish, but prefer to get about 6-8 hours of sleep before wrapping in foil. Not sure...
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